Mick Foley Continues to Push For Vader & Chyna For The WWE Hall of Fame

Mick Foley recently appeared on X-Pac 12360, and continued his push for Vader & Chyna to go into the WWE Hall of Fame.

“We could go around and around because obviously there are dozens of people who are deserving and it’s a pretty subjective Hall. It’s not like the Baseball Hall of Fame, it’s based on statistics and you know things that are very objective. But, I think when you look at the contributions Leon (Vader) made you know; with WWE being probably the least impressive run he had. But, I think that’s only because people were in his ear and it was pre-Attitude Era, where he wasn’t really allowed to be the Vader that had struck fear into the hearts of enhancement workers around the country. And I thought he was a dominant performer who drew more money than just about anybody in his era around the world. And the thing is, it would mean so much to him. He just had an operation on his heart and I mentioned it to Vince (McMahon) last year that I wished he’d consider it sooner rather than later, because I know how much it would mean to him (Vader). For Joanie (Chyna), I love the fact that she is mentioned on WWE, that they show her in videos and I hope it’s a sign that one day she’ll be in.”

Source: 411Mania