Inside Speculation On Rey Mysterio’s WWE Future, Update On Rey’s Son Training For A Wrestling Career

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There’s speculation within WWE on Rey Mysterio signing some sort of new deal with the company in 2019, if not this year, according to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The deal would be for a part-time run as Rey has been adamant about not wanting to work a full-time WWE schedule.

The Observer notes that Rey could work a deal similar to Chris Jericho’s recent deal where he worked with WWE for some of the time but also had time off for his own projects. It will be interesting to see if WWE’s deal for Rey would allow him to work for other wrestling promotions as he remains very active on the indie scene, here in North America and overseas.

On a related note, Rey’s son Dominik has been training for a pro wrestling career with Jay Lethal in Tampa, Florida and is said to be doing very well. Dominik is no stranger to WWE fans as he appeared in various storylines over the years.

It looks like Dominik, who is much taller than his father, will be wrestling in a mask as he has started to keep his face covered in social media posts. Below are a few of his recent Instagram posts:

I didn’t move all the way across the country to play games, I came out here to train my body/mind and build mental toughness and discipline. I’m not out here learning to compete, I’m here so I can learn how to dominate!

Source: WrestlingINC