Hulk Hogan Claims He’s Not Booked For ‘Raw 25’ Anniversary Show

hulk hogan raw 25th anniversary show wwe

Raw 25 is STACKED with returning talent, but Hulk Hogan claims he’s not booked to appear with everyone else during the big anniversary episode.

Hulk replied to a fan on Twitter who asked if he’d be there and said, “I will be home watching and cheering on my friends next Monday on Raw brother.”

The WWE Hall of Famer was released from the company back in 2015 shortly before the National Enquirer reported that he had been captured on tape repeatedly saying the n-word while an unauthorized sex tape was being filmed without his knowledge.

Since the incident, he’s repeatedly asked for forgiveness. He also sued Gawker for releasing the sex tape without his consent and was awarded a landmark win over the publication.

Despite Hulk’s tweet, don’t forget the famous saying in wrestling … “never say never.”

Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet