Former WWE Employee Calls Out The Company For Unequal Pay

Former WWE makeup artist Stella Kae recently called out WWE for their level of unequal pay on Twitter. Stella, who is a celebrity makeup artist, is a strong proponent of women getting equal pay, particularly in the WWE.

 “As people become more socially aware in this country, I wonder if WWE will ever address equal pay for women,” Stella wrote. “They risk their lives and bodies just the same to make SUBSTANTIALLY less than male talent.”

Kae also addressed a report that showed Nikki Bella as WWE’s highest paid female athlete, with an annual salary of $400,000. She thought this was “interesting,” since the top male performer is at a $12 million annual salary. She received a response from a fan stating that the women do not earn equal pay-per-view buys, so they should not have equal pay.

“Have they ever truly been given an equal opportunity to do these things?” Kae replied. “People use these same kind of tired excuses for not booking black models or extending foundation ranges…lets call it what it is: INEQUALITY.”

Kae also revealed that she heard there are currently women on weekly television who are still at their NXT rate of pay, which is $45,000 annually. She added that there is also speculation that NXT men are making more than main roster women. Moreover, she commented regarding the defense of unequal pay, “Imagine defending that women should be paid less for the same job for ANY reason? My only response will be Internal laughter.”

In addition to WWE, Stella Kae has also done makeup work for America’s Next Top ModelThe ApprenticeBraxton Family Values, and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, among others.

You can check out some of her tweets below:

Source: WrestlingINC