Speculation On Lio Rush Departing From WWE NXT

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There’s been speculation on WWE NXT Superstar Lio Rush being gone from the company but PWInsider reports that he’s still under contract as of this morning. Fans started speculating on his status after he apparently removed all WWE references from his Twitter account some time this week and changed his location from Orlando back to Washington, DC.

Rush has been out of the ring since late October after the tweet he made poking fun at Emma’s WWE release. Rush received Twitter heat from various WWE talents and it was noted that there was immediate talk of firing Rush but his quick apology posted to Twitter saved him. It was also noted that Rush would have to put in serious work before the heat was off him.

Rush has made a few tweets in the past few days that are fueling the speculation on his status. One tweet simply says “REFLECTION” and the other is the hourglass emoji. It should be noted that he often tweets references to time and clocks so the hourglass may not be anything cryptic. You can see some of his recent tweets below:

Source: WrestlingINC