Final Competitor Announced For SmackDown Women’s Team At Survivor Series

survivor series natalya team smackdown

The final women’s competitor for Team SmackDown at Survivor Series was announced on Saturday by Shane McMahon … and it’s not as surprising as speculation had hoped for.

Shane tweeted, “Individual competition drives every  Superstar. Even in defeat,  proved herself to be a fierce competitor and will be an asset to Team Smackdown’s 5 on 5  Team. Let’s go to work, Nattie.”

Natalya also tweeted saying, “Thank you ! I’ve bled blue since day one and I AM THE BEST as we all know [devil emoji] Smackdown  will win everything at !”

Now that Paige has reportedly been cleared to return, fans have been speculating as to how her comeback will go down. Many were hoping she’d be the final member of Team Smackdown, even though all signs seem to point towards the 25-year-old returning to Raw.

Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet