Triple H Joined The Shield At Live Event (Video)

It might not make much sense, but Triple H joined The Shield on Wednesday at a live event — and Dean Ambrose/Seth Rollins were stoked about it for some reason.

Roman Reigns won’t be cleared until shortly before Survivor SeriesThis means The Big Dog was unable appear on the UK tour, which had promoted a Shield appearance.

Then, in an effort to add star power to the events, Triple H was added to the tour.

Fast forward to tonight’s event in Glasgow when Seth Rollins got on the microphone before the match and said “desperate times call for desperate measures” … so he went with Plan B. Hunter then walked to the ring and was given an honorary vest.

The trio ultimately defeated CesaroSheamus and Bray Wyatt — who made his return to action after an illness — then fist bumped in the ring.

Wondering why Triple H would team with two guys who supposedly hate his guts on TV? Or why Dean and Seth would be excited about it? We don’t have the answers.

Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet