Gail Kim’s New Role In GFW Revealed, Two New Female Signings Teased

Jeremy Borash did a media conference call on Wednesday, where he revealed Gail Kim will be transitioning to a behind the scenes role in Global Force Wrestling.

“This may be known but we are happy to have on board as an agent for Impact Wrestling, who will be helping with our Knockouts, Gail Kim. Who announced that she would be retiring at the end of this year,” said Borash.

“So she’s going to be taking on a more behind-the-scenes role. Everybody may not know but Gail and I had a very strong friendship for the last decade,” JB continued. “I obviously do stuff with her husband Robert Irvine, the chef. And she has an incredible mind and really somebody that’s going to take the Knockouts to the next level. So she’s in Orlando and Tampa training gals that you’re seeing.”

Borash also teased that GFW have signed two new girls that are known but did not reveal any further details.

JB noted that this week’s episode of Impact Wrestling will open with a fantastic Super X-Cup Match. He said this week’s show “kicks ass” and we’re really seeing an evolution of talent, guys that can really go in the ring.

Source: WrestlingINC