Sami Zayn Launches Fundraiser To Aid Victims Of The War In Syria (Video)

sami zayn syria fundraiser war victims

WWE star Sami Zayn announced on Wednesday that he’s teaming up with the Syrian American Medical Society Foundation to help victims of the war in Syria.

Zayn, a child of Syrian immigrants, says he’s launching a new fundraising campaign called #SamiForSyria with the goal of raising money for a mobile medical unit to help those who are injured.

Sami explained, “Unfortunately, with the devastation of the war in Syria, not only have people’s homes been destroyed, but hospitals have been destroyed. Children’s hospitals have been destroyed, making health care access not only limited but also dangerous. Therefore, a mobile clinic will be able to provide, safely, primary healthcare to those that are in need.”

He continued, “And who are these people in need? We’re talking about the disabled, we’re talking about the elderly, we’re talking about women and children. People living in rural areas that have no access to fuel or transportation. People whose homes have been destroyed and are now living in camps and in tents. These are the people that we will directly be able to help.”

In order to get the medical unit created and operational for six months, the fundraiser will need to generate at least $48,000. To donate, visit this link or text “SamiForSyria” to 71-777.

Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet