Could Former ROH Star Lio Rush Be Signing With WWE?

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Former ROH Star Lio Rush announced last night at a CZW event – after losing the CZW Championship to Shane Strickland – that his August 5 appearance will be his last with the promotion.

According to PWInsider, the 22 year old was in Orlando earlier in the week. It’s believed he was offered an NXT deal and a signing could be coming in the near future.

Rush was interviewed earlier in the week by Ring Rush Radio and was asked about his interest with the WWE.

“Of course, I feel like everybody’s long-term goal should be in the WWE,” Rush said. “If you hear anybody say the WWE would never be my main goal, that’s complete bulls—. We all grew up watching WWE; there wasn’t any other thing on TV other than WWE. WWE was the main reason people wanted to actually become a wrestler. My interest in WWE again is through the roof. I haven’t been contacted by WWE, but the playing field right now with the cruiserweights, and that’s been somewhat of a main focus with them, it drives me to become better. It puts a bit of a chip on my shoulder and makes me a little bitter because that is considered to be the best cruiserweights in the world. So for me to not be a part the same conversation with the best cruiserweights in the world with the biggest promotion in the world, it just makes me want to be there that much more.”

Source: WrestlingINC