WWE Holds Classes on Cyber Security Threats

According to Pwinsider.com, following explicit and private material featuring current and former performers leaking onto the Internet over the past several months, WWE held talent meetings at this past week’s Raw and SmackDown tapings to try and prevent such things from happening again. These were mandatory meetings, and were described as a class on cyber security threats, with an expert from a cyber security firm brought in by the company to give a presentation to the roster.

The class broke down different ways that people find themselves tricked into inadvertently allowing their security to be breached. Talents were specifically warned not to accept USB drives as gifts, even if they were from beautiful women promising naked photos, which talent were told was a scenario that has happened to celebrities in the past. The expert also gave examples of incidents that have embarrassed public figures online and provided advice as to how talents can and should protect themselves since they are celebrities and out in the public light.

WWE also gave out an amendment to their social media policy for talents to sign, but its contents have not been revealed. WWE stressed to talents that no one but the talents and WWE social media teams should have access to their social media accounts.

Source: 411Mania