DJ Z Undergoes ‘Major Surgery’ For Fractured Colon And Internal Bleeding

dj z injured hospitalized the crash video ambulance

Impact Wrestling star DJ Z underwent “major surgery” on Thursday for a fractured colon, as well as internal bleeding — this according to a close friend and fellow wrestler.

Z was rushed to a hospital last night in Mexico City after he was badly injured by a 450 splash gone wrong — and his buddy Gringo Loco went with him to the ER.

Loco posted an update on Facebook saying, “After a sleepless night and countless documents to get this all under way, DJ Z is going into a major surgery as I write this. He’s been coherent and talking the entire time but in excruciating pain every minute.”

He adds, “After numerous exams, they found that the colon was fractured and bleeding internally, which was causing all the pain and discomfort. They’re going to try to repair it first and if that doesn’t work, it only gets more complicated. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.”

UPDATE: Loco posted another update saying DJ Z is out of surgery. He explains, “The procedure went well and has just arrived to the recovery room. He’ll have to be observed here 3-5 days depending on his recovery. But the doctor assured me he’ll eventually be out of the woods.”

Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet