Matt Hardy Teases End Of ‘Broken’ Gimmick?

It appears the “Broken” gimmick for RAW Tag Team Champions The Hardys is officially done as Matt Hardy tweeted on his “CONDISHTION” being contained by the reaction they received at WrestleMania 33 on Sunday. As noted, Hardy has made brief mentions of the “Broken” gimmick on WWE TV this week. He wrote the following today:


Matt’s wife Reby Hardy also referred to the “Broken” gimmick being done. She wrote the following and also told a fan to tell WWE if they wanted to see the gimmick return. She wrote:



On a related note, Reby continues to take shots at Impact Wrestling and their parent company on social media. She tweeted the following last night after a “f–k that owl” chant broke out during the post-WrestleMania 33 RAW:

Source: WrestlingINC