The Hardys Reference ‘Broken’ Gimmick After WrestleMania 33 Win (Video)

Image result for Jeff and Matt Hardy are proud to be back home in WWE: WrestleMania 4K Exclusive, April 2, 2017

The new RAW Tag Team Champions The Hardy Boyz after making their return to WWE at WrestleMania 33 last night. Jeff says they are back home and he left in 2009 but to come back on such a big night and win the titles is unbelievable. Jeff is proud of himself, his brother, their families and proud to be home. Matt says he can’t explain how wonderful it is to return to their home on the biggest WrestleMania in history, for the biggest company in history. While The Hardys are not using their most recent gimmicks, Matt keeps making references to his “Broken” character and says the best part of the evening was that they “deleted!” the reign of The Club.

Source: WrestlingINC