Mauro Ranallo Thanks Fans For Support During His Absence

Mauro Ranallo took to Twitter for the first time since last Tuesday to comment on his absence from Smackdown. Ranallo noted that his doctor has told him to “stay off social media” but that he wanted to thank fans for his support.

WWE said that Ranallo missed this week due to illness, while last week’s miss was attributed to travel issues due to weather conditions in the Northeast.

Ranallo has suffered from depression for much of his life, an issue he’s spoken of in depth in interviews, and there was some concern because he has been out of contact with longtime friends since March 14th, the day before he last posted on his usually-active Twitter account (and the day before last week’s Smackdown). However, the site reports that according to his closest friends, Ranallo is doing alright and is resting up.

Source: 411Mania