Matt Hardy And Jeff Hardy Offered New WWE Contracts

Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that WWE has offered new contracts to Matt and Jeff Hardy and that “all signs point to an inevitable [WWE] return.”

As we previously reported, Broken Matt is currently battling with Impact Wrestling over the use of his name/gimmick.  The wrestling company believes they should be paid when it’s used, but Hardy doesn’t agree. The brothers are also the current ROH tag champs after signing a short-term deal.

Still no word on whether WWE creative is looking to use their “broken” characters, but the legal side of things probably doesn’t bode well for a chance of that happening immediately.

Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet


PWInsider confirmed reports that Matt and Jeff Hardy have been in talks with WWE, and noted that “it’s a matter or when, not if” the brothers return to the company.

According to PWInsider, the deal is only for Matt and Jeff, and not for Reby or Senor Benjamin. It was noted that one major issue that would have to be worked out is the schedule, as the Hardys likely don’t want a full time schedule.