Daniel Bryan Teases Returning To The Ring When His WWE Contract Expires

Daniel Bryan teased returning to the ring once his WWE contract expires next year.

During a heated exchange with The Miz on Tuesday’s Talking Smack episode, The Miz made fun of Daniel Bryan for not being able to wrestle because of “his head.”

“I can’t or they won’t let me?,” Bryan replied. We’ll see in a year and a half, we’ll see what happens.”

Bryan was forced to retire in February of last year due to multiple concussions and a lesion on the brain. Dave Meltzer noted in the latest edition of The Wrestling Observer that Bryan “was rushed” into that retirement speech by Vince McMahon. While it’s unlikely that WWE will clear Bryan to wrestle by next year, Meltzer noted that one of Bryan’s goals has been to work in CMLL and to do an angle building to a hair vs. hair match at their anniversary show.

During an interview with Jonathan Coachman on ESPN SportsCenter last September, Bryan noted that he had been cleared by several concussion specialists, however was flagged by one test. He said that the more he learns about that test, the more he thinks that it should not have forced him to retire. He aded that he feels 100% and feels everyday that he can wrestle.

Meltzer added that Bryan has a new ring style in mind that would be lower risk while still allowing him to have interesting matches.

Bryan has not wrestled since April 14th, 2015. He teamed with John Cena to defeat Cesaro and Tyson Kidd in a dark match at a SmackDown taping in London, England.

Source: WrestlingINC