Jerry “The King” Lawler — The Reason I Still Wrestle Is … (VIDEO)

Those calling for Jerry Lawler to retire shouldn’t hold their breath — because The King says he got into this business to wrestle … not call matches on commentary.

Lawler was interviewed by Bill Apter and said, “I still love to climb in the ring as often as possible because, simply, that’s why I got into this business. I never started in this business thinking about being a commentator or doing announcing in wrestling matches, I got into this business to wrestle.”

He adds, “The commentating thing, about 24 years ago, just kinda fell in my lap.”

King reveals that he’ll be part of the WrestleMania festivities this year and surprisingly says he’s had over 100 matches since his on-air heart attack back in 2012.

Jerry continues, “Being active and doing wrestling and stuff is the best thing for your heart.”

Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet