Prosecutors Drop Charges In Jerry Lawler Domestic Violence Case

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The criminal charges against WWE legend Jerry “The King” Lawler in his domestic violence case against him and his fiancee have been dropped by prosecutors, according to TMZ report.

Lawler, 66 and his fiancee, Lauryn McBride, 27 were arrested in Memphis on June 17th accusing each other of domestic violence. It was also reported that a gun was pulled out.

A judge ordered the pair to remain away from each other while the case was on-going to determine who the aggressor was, although it now appears neither side wanted to testify against each other and the case was dropped.

Lawler’s attorney told the Memphis Commercial Appeal that the whole thing has been “a big understanding and won’t happen again. We are happy with the outcome.”

Lawler is currently indefinitely suspended by WWE.


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Lawler, 66, and McBride, 27, were arrested in Memphis on June 17 after they both accused each other of domestic violence.

In the incident at Lawler’s home, McBride claimed Lawler held her against a kitchen counter during a argument. She said he hit her in the front left side of her head and pushed her against a stove. Then he retrieved an unloaded pistol, placed it on the counter and said, “Go ahead and kill yourself.”

According to the affidavit, Lawler said they argued over McBride lying about where she had been. He said she was intoxicated and tried to prevent her from leaving in her car. She then scratched the right side of his face, threw a candle at him and kicked him the groin. Lawler alleged that she got the gun from the garage and threatened to kill herself.

Both were arrested when officers could not determine who was the primary aggressor. Lawler was suspended indefinitely by WWE following the arrest.

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