Jake “The Snake” Roberts On Inventing The DDT

Source: WrestlingINC

WWE Hall of Famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts recently spoke Joshua Maloni of Niagara Frontier Publications to promote his weekend appearance at the Niagara Falls Comic Con. The full interview is at this link.

Inventing the DDT:

Yeah, it was an accident. I was in the ring wrestling. I had a front facelock on a guy. He stepped on my feet and we fell backwards. He went on his head. I went on my back. And the fans went “OOOOHH.” I went, “Wait a minute; I’ve got something here.” And I started working on it, and come with it, and named it after the poison that everybody outlawed. I picked up the paper one day, and the front page was “DDT outlawed.” I was like, “Wait a minute. Very cool.” They had … “DDT poison to the brain.” I said, “Way cool.”