TMZ Releases Disturbing Video Of Chyna Recorded Shortly Before Her Death For A Documentary

Source: WrestlingINC

TMZ has released footage Chyna recorded in the week before her death, that was to be used in the documentary about her comeback. The disturbing videos show Chyna, apparently under the influence, with a bad cut on her face and bruising on her eye.

Film maker Rob Potylo told TMZ that Chyna insisted her facial wounds were from a random champagne bottle attack at a liquor store, but he believes Chyna was injured during a drunken fall and too embarrassed to admit it.

Rob said he was concerned when he saw the videos and got in touch with Chyna’s lawyer to discuss how they could help her. Rob also claims they contacted WWE to help get her into rehab but ran out of time as Chyna passed away while everything was being worked out.

Wrestling News Blog decided to not post the video, but if you want to see it, you can can view at TMZ, or on YouTube.