2016 WWE Payback Results – Vince’s Decision, World Title Match Announced For Extreme Rules

(Pre-Show) – Dolph Ziggler VS Baron Corbin: Winner: Dolph Ziggler

(Pre-Show) – United States Championship: (C) Kalisto VS Ryback: Winner: Kalisto

WWE Tag Team Championship #1 Contender Tournament Finals: Enzo & Big Cass VS The Vaudevillains: Enzo got caught by the bottom rope when Gotch launched him under it. He went down at ringside. Gotch tried to attack but the referee backed him off. The referee called for a doctor. The referee quickly called for the bell as a stretcher was brought out. Enzo was put in a neck brace and loaded onto the stretcher. Fans chanted Enzo’s name. Enzo was taken away with no winner announced. Enzo suffered a Concussion.


Sami Zayn VS Kevin Owens: Winner: Kevin Owens – After the match, Owens attacked Sami before tossing him over the top rope. Fans boo Owens as he turned his attention to the announcers. Owens called Byron Saxton in the ring and ordered him to ask about beating Sami. Saxton asked if Owens thinks the rivalry is finally over. Owens bullied Saxton around and bragged about beating Sami. Owens said he finally put the question to rest that people have been asking for 14 years. Owens declared he is the better man. Owens said now he can focus on getting back his Intercontinental Title back. Saxton said that match is next and asks if The Miz will retain. Owens says he doesn’t care if Miz retains but he’s going to be doing commentary.

Intercontinental Championship: (C) The Miz w/Maryse VS Cesaro: Winner: The Miz – After the match, Miz went to ringside to celebrate but Cesaro nailed a big running uppercut against the barrier. Cesaro brought Miz back in the ring and nailed a Neutralizer. Owens immediately dropped him. Sami attacked Owens but got dropped with another powerbomb. Owens stood tall and whipped Miz into the ropes for a pop-up powerbomb but Maryse pulled him to safety. Miz retreated but forgot his title. Owens raiseed the title and yelled at Miz.

Dean Ambrose VS Chris Jericho: Winner: Dean Ambrose

WWE Women’s Championship: (C) Charlotte w/Ric Flair VS Natalya w/Bret Hart: Charlotte applied a Sharpshooter and referee Charles Robinson immediately called for the bell. Natalya never tapped out. Winner: Charlotte – After the bell, the referee immediately went to the floor and brought the belt in to Charlotte. We saw the Chicago Screwjob. Flair came in the ring to celebrate with Charlotte as Little Naitch left. Bret came in and argued with Flair. Bret dropped Flair with a punch. Natalya took care of Charlotte and they both locked in Sharpshooters at the same time. Charlotte leaves with the title in the air as Natalya’s music played. Bret and Natalya look on as Flair hobbled to the back with Charlotte.

Vince McMahon’s decision:  Vince said he wants to see Shane & Stephanie slit each others throats, disembowel each other. Vince said this could be good for RAW and the family. He announceed that they both have equal say and tells them to go figure it out. The music hit and Vince left smiling. Shane and Stephanie shake hands before the RAW theme hit and they left, both looking somewhat skeptical.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship: (C) Roman Reigns VS AJ Styles: Winner by Count Out: AJ Styles 

After the bell, AJ didn’t look happy as he was announced the winner. Eden announced Reigns is still the champion. Shane McMahon’s music hit and he came out. Shane said that’s not how a title match is going to end in the new era. Shane called for the bell and said the match now has no count outs.

No Count Outs for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship: (C) Roman Reigns VS AJ Styles: Winner by DQ: AJ Styles

After the bell, AJ was announced the winner. Reigns was announced the champion still. Stephanie McMahon’s music hit and she came out. She said as usual, Shane missed something. She announced the match to be restarted until there’s a clear winner, now it will be No DQ and No Count Out.

No DQ, No Count Outs for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship: (C) Roman Reigns VS AJ Styles: Gallows & Anderson appeared & beat Reigns down. The Usos ran down and brawled with Gallows and Anderson at ringside. Winner: Roman Reigns

After the bell, Reigns has the WWE World Heavyweight Title. AJ limped towards the back and looked on as Reigns raised the title to boos. Cut to Vince, Shane and Stephanie watching backstage. Vince said that was a really great match. He applauded Shane for restarting the match but said Stephanie one-upped him a little bit. He congratulated them both. Vince wondered if AJ should have a rematch and they agree. It will take place at Extreme Rules and will be an Extreme Rules match.