Jon Jones Gets Five Tickets From Police Officer And Goes Off (Video), Jones And UFC Make Statement

Source: WrestlingINC

Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones had yet another run-in with the police last week, and it wasn’t pretty.

Jones was ticketed for drag racing, and was pretty outspoken to the police officer who issued the ticket, who also didn’t shy away. The policeman claimed that Jones took off at a high rate of speed off from a stop in his Cadillac.

In the video, Jones can be heard going off on the cop, calling him a “pig,” and a “f–king liar,” before saying ‘you’re despicable.” The police officer later replied and said he felt the same way about Jones. Jones was given five tickets in total.

Jon Jones issued a statement maintaining his innocence, but says he regrets the terminology he used.

“I was not drag racing nor was I speeding. I did not get a speeding ticket. I was driving within the speed limit of the 35mph zone.”

“I feel that police used a technicality to ticket me for drag racing, for simply revving my engine and acknowledging some of my local fans. I regrettably said words to the police officer out of frustration, for which I apologize for, but I do feel this was excessive.”

The UFC also issued a statement, saying “We are aware of the situation and are looking into the matter. We’ve also been in touch with Jon’s team regarding the matter.”

Jones was also cited for a traffic violation last month.