A Man ‘Fixated’ With Female Wrestler Shot By Officer At WWE Performance Center

A man “fixated” with a female wrestler, believed to be WWE Hall of Famer Lita (Amy Dumas), to the extent that a court order had been obtained against him, though he hadn’t been served it yet, was shot Monday by a sheriff’s officer outside the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

Lita wasn’t at the Performance Center at the time of the shooting.

The 29 year old man identified as Armando Alejandro Montalvo underwent surgery after what sheriff Jerry Demings described as life-threatening injuries.

According to the Orange County sheriff, two plainclothes officers responded around 1:30 p.m. to a call from a manager at the Performance Center that a man had come in and created “a commotion.” At the time, WWE staff told authorities the man “had some type of knife.”

So when the two officers arrived, they drew their weapons, fearful the man might go after them, police said.

And while it wasn’t clear if he was armed the man did charge at one of the officers in the parking lot. “And so the deputy retreats,” Demings said. The officer “was running backward trying to create distance between he and the subject, and ultimately the subject closes within just a few feet of him. And he fired the shot.”

Triple H tweeted the following about the incident:


Montalvo had confronted Orange County sheriff deputies in the past. Montalvo was arrested back on August 4th at the Performance Center when he had a sign that said “Lita I Love You”, a chair and binoculars.

A deputy wrote that when he was taking the man away by police that day, the man “kept asking if I saw Lita while I was inside the WWE building. Armando kept stating that he loves Lita and that she is attractive. Armando also kept laughing and stating that what was happening is awesome.”

Source: CNN and WrestlingINC.com