Can Cat Zingano finally be squaring off against Ronda Rousey?


Today yours truly is physically exhausted because I decided to take a trip down memory lane of my childhood and I ended up staying up to nearly 4am watching YouTube videos. However even though my body is physically tired my mind is wide awake with excitement and the headline for this article is why. It was announced today that UFC president Dana White said if Cat Zingano can defeat her opponent Amanda Nunes this Saturday at UFC178 she will indeed be next in line for Ronda Rousey’s Batemweight title.

I don’t know about you but I’ve been waiting for this bout for quite sometime. Zingano had an impressive win over Miesha Tate early last year earning her a number 1 contender spot but it was put to a holt after Zingano suffered an ACL injury.

On top of that Zingano faced a tragedy when she lost her husband. Now that the dust is settled Zingano may finally be getting her chance on January 3rd at UFC 182 but 1st she has to defeat Amanda Nunes. Now no disrespect intended to Nunes but I hope Zingano can pull out the win because I’m sure I speak for a lot of fight fans when I say “I really want to see this fight” the question also remains if Nunes wins does that make her #1 contender?

One thing is for sure UFC182 is going to be great regardless because both Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz will be making their octagon returns. With the possibility of Zingano Vs Rousey fight fans will have a filed day.

-Vanessa (@GreatLove91)