Jessamyn Duke set to undergo hand surgery


Some pretty upsetting news for members of the Gun Club. It was announced via twitter @Mable_Duke (Jessamyn’s mom) that the bones in her palm are not suppose to be sticking out and that Jess will need surgery to repair the problem. Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning (Friday) you can check out the tweet here

For those who don’t know Duke broke her hand in two places in her bout against smith last night (7/16/14 at UFC fight night 45) after landing a right to the face of smith. Due to the injury Duke was unable to properly defend when pushed up against the cage. Smith then hit Duke with a knee to the liver which caused Duke to drop ultimately leading to the stoppage by the referee.

After the fight via twitter smith thanked Duke for the fight into which Duke responded “No THANK YOU. Disappointed that I couldn’t give you more but grateful for the opportunity nonetheless”

One can assume that a rematch between these to is bound to happen, but first things first. It’s recovery time for “The Gun” on behalf of everyone here on DTRTwrestling we would like to extend our well wishes to Jessamyn and hope for a speedy recovery. As a huge fan I would like to personally say that no matter what happens I’ll be here eagerly awaiting her return to the octagon. She has my support 100%

You can check out photos of the injury below.

-Vanessa (@GreatLove91