Exciting news for members of “the Gun Club”


You know those nights when you’re too excited so sleep is non exist? Well tonight is one of those nights for me. Not only me but all members of “the Gun Club” it was JUST ANNOUNCED via twitter by “the gun” herself that there’s going to be a fight announcement coming soon

That’s right ladies and gents Jessamyn Duke is once again stepping foot in the octagon sometime in the near future. We last saw Duke in the octagon on April 26th at UFC172 in which Duke came up short(if you even want to call it that) against Bethe corriea who will later take on Duke’s training partner Shayna Baszler Aug 2nd at UFC176 in Los Angeles CA.

Now you may recall shortly after that fight I posted a piece stating that this was only the beginning, she will one day be a threat to Rousey’s title(I still firmly believe that by the way) and that the #JessMovement lives!
Well this announcement proves my point. So who do you guys think her opponent will be? One things forsure whoever it is will have their hands full because all of us should already know “Don’t play with Guns”

-Vanessa (@GreatLove91)

PHOTO CREDIT: Hans Ganknecht

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