Exclusive footage and news for this weeks Smackdown


So as we all know Smackdown is tapped on a Tuesday and aired on a Friday.
Last night Smackdown was held in Ontario California and once again my two favorite UFC fighters Shayna Baszler and Jessamyn Duke were in attendance along with their friend Layzie

As some of you may or may not know Shayna and Jessamyn are members of an alliance/group called the 4Horsewomen that also consist of Marina Shafir and Ronda Rousey. This group was formed because of their love for wrestling and to pay respect to the group known as “the 4horsemen.

Originally it was stemmed from a picture the girls took online mimicking an iconic 4horsemen picture. Naturally the pic got a lot of hate and a lot of love thus came the birth of the 4horsewomen

The cool part of all of this is WWE’s Daniel Bryan is a fan of the 4Horsewomen and he threw up the 4’s in his entrance last night according to a tweet sent out by Shayna Baszler. You can check out the tweet below. By clicking the link

Further more Bryan threw his shirt to Jessamyn Duke which you can check out in a video here curiosity of Layzie’s IG

So ufc fans and wrestling fans alike if you’re excited about this as much as I am be sure to catch Smackdown this Friday to see if you can point out this moment

From what Shayna, Jessamyn and Layzie are saying we are not going to want to miss this Smackdown

-Vanessa (@GreatLove91)

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