RAW Recap

Randy Orton came to the ring, he talked about having to defend his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against 5 other Superstars in the Elimination Chamber. Orton said it’s unfair, he said The Authority is trying to strip him of his championship. Orton said how many times does he have to beat John Cena, Daniel Bryan & the same hold true for Christian, Sheamus & Antonio Cesaro. Orton said he is going to be victorious at the Chamber & beat Batista at WrestleMania. Orton said he is better than Batista & he is the greatest Superstar & the main event attraction on RAW. The Authority came out. Stephanie McMahon told Orton to calm down, she said Orton has a history of self destruction & overthinks things & he is being a bit paranoid. Stephanie told Orton don’t bite the hand that feeds him. She told Orton to think all what they have done for him & to not let all of this get to him because he is better than that. Orton said he doesn’t care what the people think, he faces impossible odds every week & he still has these titles. Triple H told Orton that he says the same things every week, faces impossible odds & the WWE is treating him unfairly. Triple H said these don’t seem like word that should be coming out of the mouth of the face of the WWE. Triple H said maybe they should consider putting their faith in someone else. Stephanie said Orton will face all 5 of his Elimination Chamber opponents over the next few weeks in single competition & tonight he will start with Daniel Bryan. She said if Orton loses they may have to consider Bryan as the new face of the WWE. Triple H led a Yes! chant.

Video from SmackDown of The Shield demanding a match with The Wyatt Family. Triple H said no but they insisted, they said they wasn’t asking for permission. Triple H gave in  & set up the match to take place at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.

The Shield VS Rey Mysterio, Big E Langston & Kofi Kingston: Roman Reigns hit the Superman punch on Big E, then Dean Ambrose tags himself in & hits his finisher on Big E for the win. The Shield got the win. After the match Reigns looked mad at Ambrose. The Wyatt Family appeared on the big screen. Bray called The Shield pawns. Bray talked about building an empire close to the sea & smiling as he watches his enemies drown. Luke Harper said The Shield failed to realize Bray has always been their king. Harper whistles, Erick Rowan leans in wearing his lamb mask & says run!

Bad News Barrett on his podium, he talked about the Super Bowl & said the bad news is all the people who watched might not survive & be around for next years game because of all the junk food they ate during the game. Jerry Lawler stood on the announce table & told Barrett that he had some bad news for him. Lawler said hopefully next week Barrett won’t be around.

A look at the WWE Network show – Countdown.

Christian VS Jack Swagger: Christian got the win. After the match, Zeb Colter was upset with Swagger.

WWE Tag Team championship Steel Cage Match: WWE Tag Team Champions New Age Outlaws VS Cody Rhodes & Goldust: Cody did a moonsault off the top of the cage onto Road Dogg & Billy Gunn hit Cody with The Famouser & got the win. New Age Outlaws retain their Titles.

Zack Ryder VS Titus O’Neil: Video was shown of O’Neil turning on his former partner Darren Young & assaulting him before the match started. The Miz came out over to the announce table during the match. Miz was upset that Ryder & O’Neil were competing on RAW & he wasn’t. Miz said something is wrong with this picture & left. O’Neil got the win.

Video on WWE honors Black History Month.

Dance Off: Fandango VS Santino Marella: Santino said Fandango doesn’t wont to have a dance off with him & Santino dances around a bit. Santino said Summer Rae will have a dance off with someone from the audience. Santino picks Emma out from the crowd.

Dance Off: Summer Rae VS Emma: They both danced. Santino polled the crowd for who won. Emma was chosen as the winner.

A look at the WWE Network show – Legends House.

Sheamus VS Curtis Axel: Sheamus got the win.

Batista came out to the ring. Alberto Del Rio interrupted & came out. Del Rio wanted to talk to Batista about unfinished business between them. Batista said he doesn’t have an issue with Del Rio & that’s not why he came here. Del Rio said Batista is afraid of him 7 he is going to hurt Batista. Batista started to talk & Del Rio attacked Batista. Batista got back up & grabbed Del Rio for a Batista Bomb but Del Rio escaped & retreated.

Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth & Xavier Woods VS The Wyatt Family: The Wyatt Family got the win. After the match, The Shield appeared on the big screen. Dean Ambrose said they don’t live in Bray’s fantasy world & told him to take their crap somewhere else. Seth Rollins said Bray is delusional, a figment of his own imagination, Bray’s grandest delusion he came up with is that he thinks his family can hang with The Shield. Roman Reigns said The Wyatt’s are standing in The Shield’s yard now & they don’t play games, at the Elimination Chamber play time is over & believe that & believe in The Shield. Bray just laughed & then yelled he welcomes this war.

Promo for Alexander Rusev.

Naomi VS Aksana: AJ Lee with Tamina Snuka by her side came out & did commentary during the match. Naomi got the win. After the match, Alicia Fox went after Naomi but Cameron came in & dropkicked her. Cameron then tossed Alicia to Naomi & Naomi his her with The Rear View. Naomi & AJ eyed each other.

Daniel Bryan VS Randy Orton: Kane came out & got involved in the match but Bryan was still able to get the win. After the match Orton & Kane attacked Bryan. Kane laid out Bryan with a chokeslam. Orton celebrated holding his title belts up.