Fans Claim They Were Kicked Out For Chanting “CM Punk” During Raw – Confirmed Reports Of Signs Being Confiscated

By Raj Giri
There are a couple of people on Twitter claiming that they were kicked out of tonight’s RAW for chanting for CM Punk. One of the tweets claimed that WWE kicked nearly 40 people out of the arena tonight.We have received several reports from readers stating that they didn’t see anyone kicked out for chanting for Punk at tonight’s show. If there were that many people ejected, someone would have noticed. One reader noted that the most they saw were just a few signs being confiscated, but they couldn’t tell if they were signs for Punk. They noted that there were Punk signs in the crowd through the entire episode.Another reader noted that they were in a section with a lot of CM Punk chants, and nothing happened the entire reader @nealobermeyer stated that the building was pretty full when the show ended, and if 40 people were kicked out, “there would have been a riot.” He also noted that the person with the “My Other CM Punk Sign Got Confiscated” on RAW, which you can check out below, had that sign confiscated as well.