Watch Kaitlyn’s Final WWE Match

1531603_410531045746714_82347701_nWatch the end to Kaitlyn’s final WWE match that aired on “Main Event” tonight. Despite the announcers staying within  storylines AJ and Kaitlyn shared an emotional very real moment at the end as Kaitlyn was about to break down.

You could hear AJ saying something to Kaitlyn as they hug. However the audio did not pick it up well enough to make it out.

AJ Lee thanks Kaitlyn

“To @KaitlynWWE : Thank you for letting me have your tryout, your first match, your last match, and your Savage Garden CD. I could not have survived or succeeded without you. But I’m really psyched my reproductive organs won’t have to endure any more spears. @KaitlynWWE”

One thought on “Watch Kaitlyn’s Final WWE Match

  1. […] In a post here at DTRT Wrestling titled “Kaitlyn Comments On Her “New Life”" one has to read between the lines and wonder why would the Diva, who was in my mind was “Diva of the Year” in 2013, just abruptly decide to leave the business. No advance notice and no rumors leading up to the awesome final match with her close friend AJ that you can watch at this link.  […]

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