Raw Segment Of The Week: The Wyatt Family Debuts

The Wyatt Family's Coming Get Your Sheep Masks!

After weeks of promotion the Wyatt family made their debut on WWE television. The group gained a fanbase during their run in NXT which provided a good response to start off with. The chilling entrance with just a simple old-fashioned lantern gave the segment an eerie feeling to it which gave it depth. It was defiantly our favorite of the night. However near the end of the segment members of the crowd started chanting the name “Husky Harris” which was the former gimmick of the leader of the Wyatt family now know as Bray Wyatt.

The only issue I had was with the crowd, wrestling fans have seamed to forgotten the concept of a gimmick and a good persona. There was a time when in order to build a good character you needed to be entertaining and provide segments to generate a good story. However fans today have lost the concept that these wrestlers are performers and yes actors who should be allowed to try a new persona even if that includes a complete overhaul of a gimmick. It worries me much like with the “Goldberg” chants with Ryback. I’m hopeful that these “Husky Harris” chants will quickly fade away.

The choice to go with Kane as the first target was a good choice as it provides a solid debut and automatically sets the stage for rivalries.

Until next time you sheep!



Listen to the entire theme song for the Wyatt family here