Raw Recap: July 8 2013

Promo for the Wyatt family.

Vickie Guerrero & Brad Maddox in the ring with a ladder set up & a Money In the Bank briefcase hanging overhead. Vickie mentioned great names associated with the ladder like HBK, Razor Ramon & Triple H. Vickie climbed atop the ladder & talked about the job she has done on Raw. Jerry Lawler interrupted by saying excuse me & announced that the WWE Universe can rate Vickie’s job performance with a pass or fail vote via the WWE App. Vickie said thanks Jerry for the info & said has considered the WWE Universe just like her family. Vickie said just like all families we have good days & bad days but at the end of the day every family member has each others back right. Vickie said Brad you got my back right. Vickie announced that tonight John Cena will stand face to face with Mark Henry in the ring. Vickie also announced that the participants  of the All-Star Money In The Bank ladder match will compete in matches against each other tonight. Christian vs Kane, Randy Orton vs CM Punk & Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan.

Promo for the return of Rob Van Dam.

Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus: Bryan got the win. After the match Sheamus shook Bryan’s hand.

Video of WWE camera crew in search of the Wyatt family compound.

AJ Lee & Big E Langston backstage, AJ told Langston to look out for Kaitlyn, Langston laughed. AJ asked why he is laughing. Langston said why are you bugging you beat her before you will beat her again. Dolph Ziggler walks in & AJ hugged him & said she missed him. Ziggler asked Langston to give them a second. AJ asked what’s wrong. Ziggler said don’t you mean what’s right. He mentioned that last week on Raw & Smackdown AJ wasn’t at ringside with him but he still won. Ziggler said you follow Kaitlyn for some unknown reason this is about you right. AJ said he only priority is for both of them to walk out of Money In The Bank as champions & she will do anything to make sure it happens. She told Ziggler to tell her that he is willing to do the same & asked if he wants to go all the way. Ziggler said yeah all the way to his 3rd World Heavyweight Championship & they kissed.

Promo video of Mark Henry.

Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns of The Shield vs Tons of Funk: Rollins & Reigns got the win.

Video of WWE camera crew in search of the Wyatt Family.

John Cena came to the ring & said earlier today the world’s strongest man said he needed to talk to him. Cena said I’m here. Mark Henry came out to the ring. Henry said Cena has the look of fear. Cena said he isn’t afraid of him. Henry said Cena should be because for 17 years he has starved & ther is only one thing that can satisfy his hunger. Cena said you brought me out here to talk about a Snickers candy bar & told Henry to grab one & shut up. Henry said the old Mark Henry would have laughed or maybe run across there & did you some bodily harm but instead I’m going to chill. Henry said he is a new man & he has known Cena for over 10 years & he knew who Cena was before Cena knew who he was. Henry said Cena is just like these people he is a puppet. Henry pointing to the WWE Title around Cena’s waist said that title will validate his career. Henry said if he takes that from Cena he will no doubt be a first ballot Hall of Famer. Henry said he would sell out his own mamma to have that & he even sold out his family. Cena said then you better win this Sunday. Cena said he has won & lost this but he has done so with respect. Cena said Henry is a desperate man who leveraged his family & lied to the people all for leather & gold. Cena said Henry better walk out WWE Champion Sunday at Money In The Bank if he does he earned it if he doesn’t then he has lost the respect of everyone & Henry gets nothing, 17 years gone. Henry said he doesn’t care what Cena or these people think. Henry said you care but I don’t. Henry said there is a line that Cena wont cross because of his goodness. Cena said how can you not care about this. Henry said if you interrupt me one more time Money In The Bank is going to start tonight. Cena said you want to talk about crossing lines do you, you want to start Money In The Bank early do you. Cena drew a line with his foot & told Henry to cross it & he will whip his *ss right now. Henry said you want me to cross the line for free. Henry said it’s Money In The Bank, I took a 50% pay cut before, I’m not losing money you will get me on Sunday. Henry started to leave the fans booed & Henry said you know what, you want some, I’ll give you a sample. Henry faked a step toward Cena causing Cena to flinch & Henry laughed & shook his head no & said I will see you Sunday. Cena turned away & Henry attacked Cena. Cena kicked Henry in the gut & picked him on his shoulders for an AA but collapsed under the weight of Henry. Henry laid out Cena with a World’s Strongest Slam & then stood with one foot on Cena’s chest with the WWE Title raised high. Henry laid the title across Cena & talked some trash to Cena.

Randy Orton backstage with Josh Mathews, Mathews asked him about facing CM Punk. Orton said Punk calls himself the best in the world. Orton said he has never really believed that to be true. Orton said he didn’t believe it when he beat Punk 2 years ago at WrestleMania & he doesn’t believe it tonight & he won’t believe it Sunday when he wins the Money In The Bank contract. Orton said if Cena retains the WWE Title & if Cena finds himself in a vulnerable state he won’t hesitate to cash in the contract & take the WWE title from him.

Chris Jericho vs Curtis Axel: Before the match Paul Heyman with a black eye he got on Smackdown said he isn’t here to market himself as a martyr for CM Punk. Heyman said he is here to bask in the glory of perfection, perfection in the form of Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel. Axel said Jericho calls himself the best in the world at what he does & wears a jacket with Christmas lights on it so everybody can see him walk through the door. Axel said all he needs is the shine of the Intercontinental Championship to let the WWE Universe know he has arrived. Axel said he won’t let The Miz or Jericho stand in the way of perfection. The Miz did commentary during the match. Axel confronted The Miz outside the ring. Heyman got Axel back in the ring so he wouldn’t be counted out. Jericho nailed Axel with a Code Breaker as soon as Axel got back in the ring. Jericho got the win.

Another promo for Rob Van Dam.

Josh Mathews backstage with Damien Sandow & Cody Rhodes. Sandow said if for some reason he doesn’t win the World Heavyweight Championship Money In the Bank ladder match then he would like nothing more than for his tag team partner & best friend Cody Rhodes to win & is sure Rhodes feels the same way. Sandow wouldn’t let Rhodes answer the question for himself. Zeb Colter with Jack Swagger & Antonio Cesaro walked in & Colter talked about America needing to take charge of this country soon & said we are going to own Monet in The Bank because 2 real Americans are in it. Wade Barrett walked in & said the only person winning Sunday is me. Colter said he didn’t understand a word Barrett said & asked what language he was speaking. They all argued & Fandango walked in & tried to say his name but Rhodes said don’t say it. Fandango tried again & Barrett said don’t. Fandango tried yet again & Colter said don’t say it. Fandango tried to say his name again & Barrett nailed Fandago with a right hand knocking Fandango to the floor.

Video of WWE camera crew at the Wyatt family compound.

Sin Cara vs Alberto Del Rio: During the match Dolph Ziggler came out & said he feels sorry for what he did to Del Rio’s ring announcer Ricardo, kind of & is going to introduce him the way he deserves to be introduced. Ziggler in his introduction of Del Rio called Del Rio a coward who tried to end his career & said in 6 days has no chance of walking out as World Heavyweight Champion. Ziggler made fun of the way Ricardo introduces Del Rio. Del Rio left the ring & went after Ziggler & they brawled on the outside of the ring. Sin Cara jumped off the top rope onto Del Rio on the outside.

Vickie Guerrero with Brad Maddox waited in the ring for her job evaluation. Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon & Triple h came to the ring. Stephanie thanked the WWE Universe for voting on the WWE App. Vickie said she has always loved the McMahon family & has a special love for each & every one of the fans. Vickie said she took pride in always producing high quality & priceless entertainment. Vickie mentioned the moment she exposed & replaced the mentally unstable AJ Lee. Vickie mentioned that under her administration  the return of Rob Van Dam & The Rock & said some say that she inspired the return of The Undertaker to WrestleMania. Stephanie said it’s amazing that Vickie is taking credit for these unbelievable returns that she had nothing to do with bit is not acknowledging the return of the man she personally signed, Brock Lesnar who took out her father & husband. Vickie tried to explain but was interrupted by Stephanie. Stephanie said Vickie has to take responsibility for her actions & asked Vickie if bringing back Lesnar was a good idea. Vickie said she had no idea Lesnar was going to attack Mr. McMahon & Triple H & Vickie apologized to them. Vince McMahon said bringing Lesnar back was a stroke of genius. Vince said he believes like everybody believes that Vickie is highly entertaining. Vince said Vickie has made some bonehead decisions but did so in the interest of what she thought was quality wholesome family entertainment. Vickie said that is so correct. Triple H said Vickie can  occasionally be unintentionally entertaining. Triple H said Vickie is terrible at her job. Triple H said 2 weeks ago she was suppose to promote the new WWE video game & she screwed up the whole thing & couldn’t hear a thing she said because the WWE Universe was booing her out of the building. Triple H said this happens every week & it is bad for business. Triple H said Vince I know  you think that is entertaining but if for a second we could put a side what you think is entertaining because there is a reason the Golden Girls isn’t on TV anymore. Triple H said the WWE Universe wants & deserves better than Vickie. Triple H said Vickie possess the most annoying voice in the history of broadcast television. Vince said he believes Vickie has qualifications that no one else has. Vince congratulated Vickie on breaking through the glass ceiling of a male dominated corporate structure. Vince said he admires Vickie. Vince said he believes Vickie should be the permanent General Manager of Raw. Triple H said Vince your the CEO so no matter what we say you are going to do whatever you want to do which is the whole point this to put some spineless puppet in position of power that will stroke you ego & kiss your *ss & do whatever you say. Triple H said why don’t we let Stephanie decide Vickie’s fate. Vince said he has no problem with his daughter, daddy’s little girl making the right entertaining decision. Triple H said he doesn’t have a problem with his wife mother of his children & the woman who is going to have to put up with him after this making the right decision for business. Stephanie said she is not going to let anyone or anything drive a wedge between her & her family. Stephanie said we are going to let the vote on the WWE App decide. The Fans voted fail with 75% of the vote. Stephanie said Vickie you failed. Vickie said you can’t trust these people. Stephanie said Vickie I got 2 words for you, your fired. Vickie dropped to the mat & JBL said poor thing. Vickie threw a fit.  Vince asked the fans if they are happy & said they broke Vickie’s heart. Vince said Vickie didn’t fail you know who failed each & everyone of you just failed & threw away what could have been the most entertaining GM of Raw of all time. Vince said we need a new GM of Raw & you people deserve this, Brad Maddox. Maddox was in shock & Vince helped Vickie to the back.

Another promo for RVD.

Vince & Vickie backstage, Vince said he will make it right somehow. Maddox walked up & said Vickie I’m so sorry for what happened. Maddox thanked Vince & extended his hand to Vince. Maddox said he is going to pick up where Vickie left off. Vince asked Maddox how long he was going to hold his hand out like that. Vince said like I said I gave them what they deserve. Vickie slapped Maddox across the face & attacked him & told him to get out. Vickie dropped to the floor crying.

Kane vs Christian: Kane got the win. After the match Bray Wyatt appeared on the big screen. Wyatt said he has no followers only brothers & sisters all in the name of cause. Wyatt said people are sheep they can’t lead themselves they need to be lead. Wyatt said people but & sell fear, they worship & crave war & he isn’t afraid of their wars he created war & he thinks it’s time for the masses to wake up. Wyatt said wake up & look at this lie they’re living in, the world is deteriorating between their toes & they do nothing about it but he has seen it all in his dreams & his thoughts & he understands that this is not the beginning it’s the end. Bray Wyatt with Erick Rowan & Luke Harper behind him lit a lantern & said we’re here. The Wyatt family made their way to the ring in the dark. Wyatt sat down in his rocking chair & blew out the lantern. The light came on & Rowan & Harper attacked Kane. They laid Kane out on the outside of the ring. Wyatt came over a dropped to his knees & posed with Rowan & Harper in front of Kane.

Vickie Guerrero walking backstage with her boxed up belongings came across Ryback. Ryback gave her a hug & said she deserves better & it will be OK.

AJ Lee & Alicia Fox vs Kaitlyn & Layla: Bella Twins did commentary during the match. AJ tag into the match & Kaitlyn went after her. Kaitlyn laid out AJ on the outside of the ring with a spear. Big E Langston carried AJ to the back.

Josh Mathews backstage with CM Punk. Punk said am I the best in the world because I held the championship for 434 days or did I hold the championship for 434 days because I’m the best in the world, I don’t know. Punk said defeating Orton tonight makes him the best in the world & Sunday when he grabs the briefcase for the 3rd time that makes him the best in the world.

Another promo for RVD.

Randy Orton vs CM Punk: Punk got the win. After the match Daniel Bryan came to the ring & attacked Punk. Bryan tossed Punk into the ring post & out of the ring. Bryan brought a ladder into the ring & nailed Orton with it. Bryan set up the ladder & climbed to the top & grabbed the briefcase & celebrated with chants of Yes! Yes! Yes!