Raw Recap: June 10 2013

Triple H vs Curtis Axel: Mr. Vince McMahon came down during the match & stopped it. He had the ring announcer announce that Axel is the winner by DQ. Vince walked away smiling. Triple H then ordered the match to be restarted. Vince came back & stopped it again. This time it was announced that Axel won by forfeit. Triple H then ordered the match be restarted again but this time as a 60 minute iron man match. Vince came back down & told Axel that he has already won twice & for him to leave. Vince then took the microphone & the ring bell to the back with him.

Backstage Triple h talked to Stephanie McMahon. Triple H wanted to know where Vince was. Triple H said Vince crossed the line & that he did that to embarrass him. Stephanie said her dad was wrong. She said her dad goes off the handle & that Triple H must have threated him somehow. Stephanie cried & begged Triple H not to hurt him & that he isn’t getting any younger. Triple H said OK & told Stephanie to go talk to Vince because it wont end well if he talks to him.

Kane vs Dean Ambrose: Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns jumped Kane. Kane won by DQ. Daniel Bryan & Randy Orton came to the ring & went after Rollins & Reigns. Kane, Bryan & Orton cleared The Shield from the ring.

Fans could vote via the WWE App on who Daniels Bryans will face tonight, either Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns & Randy Orton will face the won not chosen by the fans.

Jerry Lawler was in the ring to announce the results of the fan vote. The fans voted for Rollins to face Bryan so Reigns will face Orton.

Backstage Orton & Bryan argued about what happened on Smackdown. Kane yelled at them & said they don’t need to be fighting with each other. Bryan & Orton started arguing again. Vickie Guerrero with Brad Maddox came in Vickie said excuse me. Vickie said the 2 of you will face Rollins & Reigns at Payback this Sunday for the WWE Tag Team Championship. Bryan said so Kane & I have another shot at the Titles, that’s awesome. Vickie laughed & said she wasn’t talking about Team Hell No she was talking about Bryan & Orton. Kane said they get a Title match! Vickie said they beat the champions on Smackdown by DQ so they deserve a Title shot. Bryan & Orton agrued some more & both walked off. Kane said this doesn’t make any sense. Vickie said she didn’t forget about Kane & gave Kane a United States Championship match versus Dean Ambrose at Payback. Kane told Vickie that he always liked her & gave her a big hug. Vickie squirmed her way out of it & left. Kane smiled & laughed.

Michael Cole announced that Fandango suffered a concussion & he wont be able to compete in the triple threat Intercontinental Championship match at Payback. Wade Barrett will now defend the title against The Miz one on one.

The Miz vs Cody Rhodes: Wade Barrett did commentary during the match. The Miz won by submission with a Figure 4 Leg Lock. After the match Barrett went to the ring to confront The Miz but Paul Heyman interrupted & came out. Heyman said Vickie authorized him to inform them that Sunday at Payback there will be a triple Threat match for the Intercontinental Championship & the man facing Barrett & The Miz is Curtis Axel. Axel came out & said the perfect end for the match this Sunday will be me Curtis Axel the new Intercontinental Champion.

Promo video for Mark Henry who will return next Monday.

Stephanie talked to Vince backstage. She said what he did out was embarrassing & that knowing how proud of a man Triple H was he just walked all over him. Vince said he heard what they said about him & that Triple H made his baby girl cry. She said you made me cry. Vince asked how did I make you cry. Stephanie said you went out there & crushed Triple H( she referred to him by his real name Paul). Vince said he doesn’t care about his pride. Vince said he cares about WWE business first. She said she cares about WWE too. Vince said family or not business comes first you do the right thing for business every single time. Vince told Stephanie that it is best if she kept Triple H away from him. She  asked if he will at least try to talk to him. Vince said if I did you wouldn’t like what I say or how I say it. Vince excused himself & walked away.

Chris Jericho came to the ring & said welcome to Raw is Jericho. Jericho talked about all the greats he has faced. Jericho said CM Punk is the one who takes him to the limit & makes him a better performer. Jericho said Punk is so good because Punk actually believes that he is the best in the world. Jericho said it is the same as he believes that he is the best in the world at what he does. Jericho said that is why we are such  good evenly matched opponents. Jericho said they have the same mind set, came in the business the same way, have the same chip on their shoulder’s & accept nothing less than the best. Jericho said this Sunday at Payback Punk-Jericho 3 continues the trilogy of matches that started last year at WrestleMania 28, continued at Extreme Rules 2012 & ends this Sunday. Jericho said he promises at Payback CM Punk you will get my best. Jericho said he needs to beat Punk at Payback but no matter what happens after Punk-Jericho 3 neither on of us will ever, ever be the same. Dolph Ziggler interrupted & came out with Big E Langston & AJ. Ziggler said while you was talking about the best performers in the world he thought this would be a good time to make his triumphed return. Ziggler said the World Title was almost taking away from him due to an concussion. Ziggler said no one wanted him to have this so he came out here every night & stole the show & he earned this. Ziggler said at Payback he is going to prove to the world & to Alberto Del Rio that Del Rio is out classed in every possible way. Ziggler said he does everything better than anyone in this business & that he is just getting started. Jericho interrupted & said Sunday is a long time away. Jericho said Ziggler needs a tune up match to shake off the rust & challenged Ziggler to a match right now. Ziggler said you want a match you got it against Big E Langston.

Chris Jericho vs Big E Langston: Albeto Del Rio came out & attacked Dolph Ziggler. Langston got distracted & Jericho hit Langston with a Code Breaker & Jericho got the win.

Sin Cara vs Antonio Cesaro: Zeb Colter did commentary during the match. Colter said Sin Cara sneaked across our border with a mask on. Cesaro got the win.

Promo video for the Wyatt family. They’re coming.

Vickie & Brad Maddox backstage, Vickie was eating a Hardee’s Super Bacon Cheese Thick Burger. Vince came in & said Vickie placed the Payback main event in jeopardy by putting Ryback & Cena in the ring tonight with each other for a face to face. Vickie said she thought it would be great TV. Vince said for her to think again & asked what she is going to do about it. Vickie said she will cancel the match. Vince said you can’t because you promised the match. Vince said if you think as good as you eat you will come up with the right answer. Maddox suggested having the lumberjacks for Payback come to the ring during the face to face. Vince said that’s good thinking & that maybe she should share her burger with Maddox. Vince walked away. Maddox said he would take the burger in the front. Vickie told him to shut up.

Randy Orton vs Roman Reigns: Seth Rollins attacked Daniel Bryan on the outside & jumped in the ring to attack Orton but Orton kicked Rollins in the gut & set him up on the ropes for a DDT. Reigns saved Rollins by pulling down to the floor. Bryan dove through the ropes taking out both Rollins & Reigns. Bryan had the fans chanting Yes! Yes! Yes! The match was ruled a no contest.

Daniel Bryan vs Seth Rollins: Orton stopped Reigns from interfering in the match. Bryan got the win. After the match Rollins tried to attack Bryan but Bryan kicked Rollins in the head & Orton nailed Rollins with a RKO.

Kaitlyn was in the ring to find out who is her secret admirer. She said show yourself. Big E Langston came out with flowers. She said Big E it’s you. Langston said people only see him as a big bad guy, they only seehim as Dolph’s heavy & think all he cares about is beating people up. He said he cares about Kaitlyn. He said I know your skeptical & you should be but ever since he first met her that she was it & she is all he could think of & didn’t know how to tell her until now. Langston grabbed her & dipped her like he was going to kiss her & then he shoved her to the mat. AJ came out & high fived Langston as he left. Kaitlyn was crying. AJ asked her how she feels. AJ said worthless, alone, broken that’s exactly how she felt when Kaitlyn abandoned  her. AJ said she spent the last year of her life letting men hurt her. AJ said Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, John Cena , they used her & took advantage of her & shattered her like glass. AJ said where was her best friend, she was off chasing the Diva’s Title. Kaitlyn said AJ was crazy. AJ said no she is smart. AJ said maybe you can beat me in here but I can beat you up here(AJ pointed to Kaitlyn’s head). AJ said she used to put Kaitlyn on a pedestal but now she gets to shove her off & laugh all the way down. AJ said your so sad, weak, pitiful & said she is just trash. Kaitlyn cried. AJ said you have no one, no love, no friends & none of these people give a damn about you. AJ said the only thing you have that is worth anything is the Diva’s Title & come Sunday you wont even have that. AJ said Kaitlyn’s going to lose & that she is going to get everything she has ever wanted. AJ called Kaitlyn a worthless, pathetic, uselss, unlovable cow. Kaitlyn slapped AJ across the face & jumped on AJ a unloaded on her. AJ managed to escape from the ring. Kaitlyn cried in the ring while AJ blew her a kiss & skipped away up the ramp.

Damien Sandow made his way to the ring for his match. Sandow talked about his confrontations with Sheamus. Sandow said he will annihilate Sheamus Sunday at Payback.

Damien Sandow vs R-Truth: Sandow got the win. After the match Sheamus came out & said he came out here to tell Sandow that he got his attention on Smackdown. Sheamus said he will kick off Payback by kicking Sandow’s off. Sheamus said see you in Chicago.

Backstage Stephanie told an assistant to go find Mr. McMahon & tell him that his daughter is looking for him & it’s about business & it’s urgent & to met her in our office. Stephanie then told another assistant to go find Triple H & tell him that his wife is looking for him, it’s personal & it’s urgent & to met her in our office.

Michael Cole announced that Kofi Kingston will be out for about 8 weeks.

The lumberjacks came to the ring.

Backstage in the McMahon office. Vince was with Stephanie & Triple H came in. Vince & Triple H argued. Stephanie yelled at them & told them to work it out & that she is sick & tired of it. They both said they wasn’t going to apologize. Vince said that was the right thing because Triple H is bigger than a match with Curtis Axel. Vince said Triple H doesn’t need that match. Vince said Triple h is a Icon & Legend but he wants him to be more than that. Vince said he wants Triple h to be the man & said to Triple h that you tell people to go to hell when they need to go to hell & do the right thing every time. Triple H said he gets it. Vince sain in order to show you that I’m the bigger man you get your match next week versus Curtis Axel. Triple h said on second thought your right I don’t want the match. Vince said  on second thought I would like to see the match Triple H versus Curtis Axel. They started arguing again. Stephanie came back in & said how about a group hug & family hug. Vince said he doesn’t hug other men. Stephanie said then hug me. Vince said OK I can do that & Stephanie said while I hug him. Triple H said you will hug her but not me what’s a matter with me. They all hugged, Stephanie said bring it in. Triple H patted Vince on the back hard & Vince patted Triple H on the back hard. Vince said to Stephanie I hope you got what you wanted & walked off. Stephanie smiled at Triple H & he said don’t give me that whatever & walked off.

John Cena & Ryback Face To Face: Cena came to the ring first. Ryback came out in a ambulance & stepped out of the back & instead of going to the ring he backed up the ramp onto the stage. Cena said face to face that means you waddle your *ss down here & get in this ring & face me.  Cena said stand on that stage & be afraid to come in here & face me. Ryback said he isn’t afraid of Cena & that he could tear through him, the lumberjacks & everybody in the audience if he weanted to. Ryback said he is standing here on stage for your benefit not mine. Cena talked about Ryback sending messages by hurting people & putting them in ambulances. Cena said if your message is Ryback does damage then I get the message but if your message is you deserve to be WWE championthenRyback interrupted & said your damn right I deserve to be WWE champion. Ryback said he should have been WWE champion 3 times over. Ryback said in his TLC match with CM Punk his fingertips was on the championship & the light s went out. Ryback said at Survivor Series he had Cena beat in the middle of the ring then The Shield attacked him. Ryback mention Hell In The Cell & Cena interrupted & said he gave Ryback his spot at Hell In The Cell. Ryback said that’s when the problem started. Ryback said he got too good too fast. Ryback said he became a threat & so popular that Cena went to damage control trying to protect everything what means most to him. Ryback said Cena had his back when it suited him but when the going got tough Cena left him high & dry. Cena said your a man what did you expect me to do change your diapers, wipe your nose, hold your hand, welcome to the WWE. Ryback said how original. Cena told Ryback to shut up. Cena said he has never had a guardian angel watch his back or has anybody who has been good enough to carry this(WWE Championship). Cena said Ryback spends all his time b*tching & moaning about conspiracy theories & blaming everybody else but himself for his own failures. Cena said your really good at making excuses & your going to do just find on Sunday because I’m walking into hell but is walking out saying the champ is here. Ryback said my eyes are wide open now & I can see you. Ryback said the legend of John Cena doesn’t grow anymore it ends when I put beat you in our lumberjack match, it ends when I put you through a table, it ends when I load your body in the ambulance, it ends when I finally become WWE Champion. Ryback said 8 months ago you gave me your spot, this Sunday in 3 Stages of Hell Ryback takes your spot. Cena took of his shirt & said this Sunday for one of us Payback’s a b*tch & slid out of the ring to go after Ryback but the lumberjacks put Cena back in the ring. Cena tried to got out a different side & again the lumberjacks put him back in the ring. Ryback ran into the ring after Cena but Cena ducked & pulled down the ropes & Ryback went over the ropes to the floor & the lumberjacks put Ryback back in the ring. Cena & Ryback went after each other & the lumberjacks entered the ring & separated Cena & Ryback.