Brooke Hogan Engaged To Cowboys Center



According to a story at, Brook Hogan is now engaged, and it has nothing to do with Bully Ray. Phil Costa, a fourth year center for the Dallas Cowboys dropped to one knee and proposed to Brooke at the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

If you would like to read the report, filled with numerous Hulk Hogan cracks, click the Yahoo Sports link above.

Opps! Not So PG: AJ Lee Says “Son Of a B****” On Smackdown?

Leave it to dedicated fans to point out this possible editing oversight to us. During last night’s segment in which Kaitlyn dressed as AJ Lee and mocked her as a response to the same on Raw it appears that the censors might have overlooked the fact that viewers could hear AJ Lee without a microphone and it appears as if she might have said something that we’re sure SyFy channel wasn’t expecting.

It all goes down at the 2:01 mark in the video.

AJ why so Angry? #Kayfabe

You be the judge. Did AJ Lee really scream SOB?

Segment of the Week: IMPACT July 27

With so many choices from this week’s IMPACT, I decided to go with one that many might not have thought, but was totally deserving. Magnus is now on top of the BFG Series leaderboard, and his clean 1-2-3 pin on Bobby Roode is my choice for Segment of the Week.

Ed Boston

DTRT Wrestling New Co-Founder

Bound For Glory Series Updated Totals


BFG Standing June 28

 How points are won

Win by Submission    –   10 points

Win by Pinfall           –     7 points

Win by Countout –     5 points

Draw               –     2 points

DQ loss           – -10 points


TNA Recap: June 27 2013

Sting came out to the ring & said Bully Ray I told you that the Main Event Mafia would rise, I told you the Main Event Mafia would grow. Sting said Bully I promise that last week was just a little touch of what is to come. Sting brought out Kurt Angle. Angle said your looking at 2 of the original Main event Mafia from nearly 4 years ago. Angle mentioned that the concept was that each member had to be a former World Champion. Angle said we fought for power & for the World Heavyweight Title. Angle said we did what we wanted, when we wanted, where we wanted & nobody could stop us. Angle said unfortunately now that seems to be the Aces & Eights, except they stepped it up to a whole other level. He said Aces & Eights have been more violent & vicious than anyone in this company has ever been. Angle said because of Aces & Eights Sting will never wrestle for the World Heavyweight Title for the rest of his career. Angle said because of Aces & Eights he was screwed out of the Bound For Glory Series among other things they have done to him. Angle said family comes & goes but real family we stick together. Angle said this is the new & improved Main Event Mafia. Angle said Sting & I are both Hall of Famers but that doesn’t mean a thing until we accomplish 2 goals, 1 destroy Aces & Eights, & 2 make sure Bully ray loses the World Heavyweight Title. Angle said we are going to fight fire with fire & tonight you will meet the newest member of the family.

Backstage Aces & Eights grabbed Chris Sabin. Bully said I just wanted to wish you luck in your match tonight & when you win to do the right thing & that is not cash in your shot at my World Heavyweight Title. Bully told Sabin that he is a great little X-Division wrestler. Bully said he is a bad person & that Sabin doesn’t want any part of this bad person. Bully said let him go I think he gets the point. Aces & Eights let him go. Bully said I think he gets the point.

A look at Gut Check contestant Adam Ohriner was showed.

X-Division Championship Match: Suicide vs Kenny King vs X-Division Champ Chris Sabin: Suicide got the win to become the new X-Division Champion. After the match Hulk Hogan came out with the real Suicide TJ Perkins who was bent over like he had been beaten up. Hogan said someone jumped TJ in the back & stole his Suicide suit. Hogan said he wants to know who is under that mask right now. The Suicide imposter ran off through the crowd.

Backstage Hogan said he is giving until the end of the show for whoever is in the Suicide costume to reveal himself.

A look at Gut Check contestant Ryan Howe was showed.

Gut Check Match: Ryan Howe vs Adam Ohriner: Ryan Howe came to the ring playing a guitar. Adam Ohriner got the win.

Main event Mafia backstage, Sting said to Angle we are going to be better off this go around than the last one. They entered a room that was labeled club room.

TJ Perkins in the locker room, Bully Ray approached & told TJ to relax. Bully asked if Sting & Angle put him up to this tonight. TJ said no he doesn’t know what happened. TJ said he has been working on a opportunity of a lifetime & he got jumped & it was taken from him.

Knockouts Championship Match: Velvet Sky vs Knockouts Champ Mickie James: Before the match Mickie sadi this championship brings out a competitive side in all of us a vicious side. Mickie said its been known to change people but not her obviously but it’s changed Velvet a little bit. Mickie said  when Velvet was champion they was best friends & now that she is champion they are not & that breaks her heart but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t still care about Velvet & her health. Mickie said she is going to give Velvet one last chance to walk away. Mickie said don’t be the 3 dollar stubborn pack mule that you are & just walk away. Velvet speared Mickie & the match started. Mickie got the win by submission. After the match Christy Hemme interviewed Velvet. Velvet was crying. Velvet said she thought her knee was OK & that she fought so hard to finally get the rematch. Velvet said she is just heartbroken right now.

Sting & Angle backstage, Bobby Roode walked past them & Sting & Angle looked at each other & smiled.

Backstage Hogan asked a referee if he noticed anything different about Suicide during the match. The referee said everything seemed like Suicide. Hogan told the referee to comb the hallways & find that clown & tell him to unmask in the ring tonight or he is going to strip him of his title.

BFGS Match: Magnus vs Bobby Roode: Magnus got the win to earn 7 points.

Backstage Aces & Eights barged into a locker room & found Chavo Guerrero, Robbie E & Jesse Godderz. Bully asked if any of them are Suicide. Chavo said no. Bully asked if they have seen Suicide. Chavo said no. Bully asked if they have talked to Angle or Sting. Robbie E & Jesse said no. Bully said if he finds out any of them are Suicide they will be committing career suicide.

James Storm & Gunner in the ring. Storm said they say tag team wrestling is a science. Storm said that they don’t look like scientist but he has been called a chemist & said something about mixing drinks with ice cold beer & ladies equals a good time. Storm said one thing he has learned being a 12 time World Tag Team Champion is that you don’t have to like your partner or get along with your partner as long as you show up to work & that man watches your back your good to go & that is why he chose Gunner as his partner. Robbie E, Jesse Godderz & Tara interrupted & came to the ring. Robbie E said your looking at the 2 toughest men in this locker room. Robbie E said choosing Gunner over him was a big mistake but now it’s to late because this train has already sailed down the road. Robbie E said him & Jesse are the future of tag team wrestling. Robbie E called themselves the Bro Mans. Storm said did you just say bromance & asked if the 2 of them are now a thing. Robbie E said he didn’t say bromance he said Bro Mans. Storm said he could have sworn Robbie e said bromance again. Jesse said shut up he said 2 words Bro Mans plus we got this hot chick my girlfriend. Storm called Tara a butterface. Jesse went to hit Storm but Gunner hit Jesse knocking him to the mat. Storm said sorry about your damn luck.

Backstage Stin & Angle was asked about the Suicide situation. Sting said its’ a very interesting night, everybody wants to know wh is the newest member of the Main Event Mafia & who is under the Suicide mask. Sting said I love this night. Angle said maybe we should go talk to the mystery man. Sting said good thinking.

BFGS Match: Mr. Anderson vs Samoa Joe: Aces & Eights members DOC & Knux came to ringside to distract Joe & the Main Event Mafia Sting & Angle came down & went after DOC & Knux. Joe got the win by submission to earn 10 points. After the match Sting & Angle hugged Joe & it appears Joe is the 3rd member of the Main Event Mafia.

Backstage Sting & Angle welcomed Samoa Joe to the Main Event Mafia & gave Joe a suit. Joe said if your looking to go to war to find out who runs this place he is in. They shook hands & Joe said back in business.

Hulk Hogan came to the ring & said for the Suicide imposter to come to the ring or he will take the title from him. The Suicide imposter came to the ring. Hogan said he understands turning opportunity into gold but said this is not about cheating. Hogan told him to remove the mask. Suicide imposter shook his head no. Bully Ray came to the ring & said him & Hogan are on the same page. Bully wants to know who is under the mask. Bully told him to take his mask off right now. Suicide imposter shook his head no. Bully said it doesn’t matter what matters is what you do with your shot at my World Heavyweight Title. Bully said Suicide the only reason you won that belt is because I put the fear of God into Chris Sabin, actually I take that back I put the fear of me in Sabin. Bully said do yourself a favor & walk away you don’t want any piece of me, I’m a bad person who does bad things, put your tail between your legs & leave. Hogan said is tired of all the crap & the Suicide imposter to take of the mask. The Suicide imposter said I was in darkness, I felt the pain & my torment is shared( he pointed around to the fans). He said in life we are given choses or options, do the easy thing or do the right thing. He said  Bully Ray you come out here & ask the people do they know who you are but the real question is do you know who I am. Bully said nobody knows who you are. Suicide imposters said you should because I’m a man who has beaten you once before. The Suicide imposter removed his mask & it was Austin Aries. Aries said as he removed the mask I’m the man who started option C, I’m the man who cashed this in(X-Division Championship) & won the World heavyweight Championship & I’m the man who is going to do it again.