AJ Lee In Indianapolis For Survivor Series Tout Video

As WWE prepares for tomorrows pay-per-view event in Indianapolis Indiana she took to social media reminding fans that she has evidence against Vickie Guerrero which she will share during tomorrow night’s event. Her title for her Tout video included the hashtag #PaybackIsAVickie

UPDATE: It looks like AJ has removed her Tout from her account. This is an interesting development. Did she need WWE’s permission to cut a promo? The video was taken in what appeared to be her hotel room. She was talking softly we assume as to not wake her roommate which is often the case for talent to share rooms.

Here is a screen cap from the video

In the video AJ Lee who’s real name is April Mendez was clearly cutting a promo for tonight’s WWE pay- per-view where she is expected to introduce her own evidence against Vickie Guerrero who has been the instigator in the ongoing “Affair Scandal” involving AJ Lee and John Cena. In the video she said she had evidence of Vickie’s “hand in the cookie jar figuratively speaking, this time”

Update #2

The TOUT video in question (below) appears to once again be working after almost an hour saying the video had been deleted. Must have been a technical error. Glad to see it back up and running smoothly for now.