TNA Recap: November 29 2012

It was Championship Thursday where the X-Division Title will be defended.

Hulk Hogan made his way to down to the ring. Hogan said that he is the GM but he is a father first. Hogan called out Bully Ray to tell him the truth about what is going on between him & his daughter Brooke. Bully came to the ring & said that Hogan doesn’t trust him but wants to hear from him what is going on. Hogan told Bully to cut the crap. Bully asked if he really wants to know who the number 1 man is in Brooke’s life. Brooke came to the ring. Hogan asked her what is going on. Brooke said that she isn’t 18 anymore & it isn’t what he thinks. Hogan said he doesn’t want her to be with a wrestler especially Bully. Austin Aries interrupted appearing on the big screen. Aries is on Hogan’s table in his office where the X-Division wrestlers are waiting for Hogan for the Title shot deliberations. Aries laid down on the desk & said he wonders how Brooke does it. Hogan stormed out of the ring toward the back.

Gail Kim vs Mickie James: Mickie got the win.

Backstage James Storm is talking to AJ Styles about being a man & making choices. Storm talked about Roode pulling his daughter into it. AJ told Storm that he is whining & that he doesn’t get a title shot for a year. Storm told AJ to concentrate on their tag match.

Hogan stormed into his office & yelled at Aries. Hogan began deliberations for the X-Division title shot with Aries, Zema Ion, Kid Kash & Kenny King. Hogan eliminated King & kicked them out of his office.

Bobby Roode came to the ring. Roode said that Jeff Hardy doesn’t impress him. Roode called Hardy a paper champion & that he is a real champion. Roode talked about how he took out Hardy & Christian York last week. York came to the ring. Roode said nobody interrupts him. York slapped Roode across the face & Roode escaped to outside the ring. York said that he is calling Roode out.

Bobby Roode vs Christian York: Roode got the win. After the match Roode brought a chair into the ring to use on York. Hardy ran into the ring to help York & Roode escaped from the ring.

Aces & 8s from their clubhouse. The main guy announced that next week D.O.C. will go 1 on 1 with Kurt Angle. Devon said that he wants his Television Title back because he never was beaten for it. Devon made a challenge to Samoa Joe for next week. Devon said that they wont hurt anybody this week if he gets his title match.

Footage is shown of the Gut Check judges Al Snow, Taz & Bruce Prichard discussing Wes Briscoe’s Gut Check match from last week.

Backstage Kurt Angle pleaded with Prichard to vote yes for Briscoe. D-Lo Brown walked up & said that they can’t find Al Snow.

Daniels & Kazarian vs James Storm & AJ Styles: Storm & Styles got the win. AJ slipped out of the ring looking dejected.

In Hogan’s office for more X-Division Title deliberations. Hogan eliminated Kash & Ion & chose Aries for the title shot.

Samoa Joe accepted Devon’s challenge for next week.

Douglas Williams vs Matt Morgan: Joey Ryan dismissed ring announcer Christy Hemme & told her to go to the back & make him a sandwich. Ryan introduced Morgan to the ring. Morgan was wearing Hogan’s old ring robe. Morgan got the win.

Backstage D-Lo & Prichard still can’t find Al Snow. D-Lo offered to fill in for Snow’s Gut Check decision.

Gut Check results for Wes Briscoe: D-Lo Brown was filling in for Al Snow who they could not locate. Prichard said yes, Taz said no & D-Lo said yes. Briscoe got a TNA contract. Angle & Garret Bischoff came to the ring to celebrate with Briscoe.

Bully Ray confronted Hogan on his office. Bully asked Hogan if he was offended by Aries. Bully said that if he wanted Aries head kicked in why didn’t he come & see him. Bully said that Hogan is maybe confusing business with personal. Hogan said that maybe it’s Bully that is confusing business with personal.

Backstage ODB talked about Aces & 8s shattering her hubby Eric Young’s ankle last week. She said he is in the hospital & that she can’t do this & walked off.

Backstage Aries told Hogan that he wants the X-Division Title back  because it’s his way to get back the TNA World Title. Hogan thanked Aries for waking him up & told Aries that it’s time for some dental work courtesy of RVD & wished Aries good luck.

X-Division Championship Match: Austin Aries vs X-Division Champ RVD: During the match Aries grabbed a mic & made a rude insulting comment about Brooke. Bully ran to the ring & attacked Aries. Aries escaped the ring & backed up the ramp & said Bully cost him the match. Hogan came out . Hogan & Bully stared at each other with Aries stuck on the ramp between them. Bully said to Hogan that you still don’t trust me.



Notes About Tonight’s TNA Impact

– Tonight’s episode of TNA Impact Wrestling will feature Rob Van Dam defending his X-Division Title, Mickie James vs. Gail Kim, Wes Brisco’s Gutcheck update and more. TNA will also reveal the location for Lockdown 2013 on tonight’s show.
– Former ROH star Kenny King is teasing that he will be appearing on tonight’s Impact.

– PWInsider reports that TNA has quietly re-signed Velvet Sky. This is why she has seemingly disappeared from the indies. No word yet on when she will return but it will likely be in early 2013. This is something that Dixie Carter wanted done herself.

Whoo-Whoo-Whoo Wrestling’s # 1 Bieber Fan Attends MSG Concert

Zack Ryder doesn’t hide from the fact that he is a fan of Justin Bieber. Judging from his tweets and touts the WWE’s resident Beliber had a #SSSIIICCCKKK time at Justin’s concert at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night!



Why must We watch this kiss fest.. Bring on the wrestling

Hello people
I’m back! 1st let me apologize for being MIA in the last 3 weeks. I had my nose in the hunger games trilogy and I just couldn’t put it down. It was simply amazing. Anyway I’m not here to talk about books because if I was then this would be called “DTRT BOOKS” but it’s not this is “DTRT wrestling” so lets see the 1st thing I’d like to address is how much I loathe this whole AJ and cena on screen romance. I honestly can’t stand Cena but love AJ to death so putting them together leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Not to mention isn’t this like the 7th dude she’s kissed since being in WWE? What has she achieved other then that? I mean all WWE is doing is giving her a bad name. If they should be calling anyone a “Hoski” then it should be her. Like I said I love AJ more then the next person but I’m getting sick of her playing “the girl who shoves her Tongue down superstars throats” Now fellow wrestling fans the question I have for you all is do you love this new romantic link or like me do you absolutely hate it? Now the next topic I would like to address is the uprising of possibly the next big thing in the divas division. That is none other then Kaitlyn. In my absence we’ve seen her face Eve for the tittle, sadly coming up short to finally finding out that Aksana was her attacker way back at “Night of Champions” to then getting her revenge on Aksana by dominating her in the ring last week. I couldn’t be happier that after almost two years after she won NXT season 3 (11/30/10) she is finally getting her shinning moment. If WWE continues to use her correctly then she could very well be the one to take the title away from Eve and become one of WWE’s most memorable divas. Agree or disagree? I will leave you with that. Until next time this is Nessa signing off. Take care and have a great week

Raw Recap: November 26 2012 – The Shield

Ryback vs Titus O’Neil: Ryback got the win. After the match Ryback got on the mic & said that he wants CM Punk or the 3 NXT guys or all at once & that he isn’t leaving the ring until he gets what he wants. Ryback got a “feed me more” chant going. The show goes to a break.

Back from the break, Ryback still in the ring, security guys came to the ring & one stepped up to Ryback & then Ryback threw him over the rope out of the ring. Vickie came out & told Ryback that he can’t hold the show hostage or put his hands on the security. Ryback said that he wants CM Punk at TLC. Vickie said that she would give him that match but he has to leave the ring. Ryback told Vickie to shut up & that he wants Punk in a TLC match at TLC. Vickie said he can have the match but only if he leaves the ring. Ryback scared the security guys out of the ring & left.

They show footage from last week where Hornswoggle sprayed Rosa in the face with water. Then showed footage from earlier in the day of Rosa confronting Hornswoggle. He told her to calm down that it was just a joke & they start to argue then Alberto Del Rio walked up. Del Rio confronted Hornswoggle & said that he would get revenge for Rosa. The Great Khali came up & told Del Rio to leave his friend alone.

Alberto Del Rio vs The Great Khali: Ricardo Rodriguez climbed up on the apron to distract Khali & Hornswoggle bit Rodriguez on the butt & they run up the ramp. Del Rio took advantage & took Khali down to the mat & got the win with the cross armbreaker submission. Backstage Rosa was cheering on Del Rio.

Vickie was backstage & CM Punk & Paul Heyman confronted her about putting him in a TLC match with Ryback. Punk said that he has already beaten him & asked her if she knows the danger she is putting him in. Heyman accused Vickie of playing politics. Vickie said she gave Ryback the title shot because of what happened to him at  Survivor Series & Hell In A Cell. Punk said that he had nothing to do with those guys. Vickie then told Punk that he would face tonight the winner of the Raw Active poll between either Daniel Bryan or Kane.

They show Michael Cole’s interview with the NXT guys, Ambrose, Rollins & Reigns. Cole asked them if they where working for CM Punk. Ambrose said nope. Cole asked why are they here. Rollins said that they saw things heading in the wrong direction & that they righted those wrongs & that they are a shield from injustice. he said that it was just a coincidence that their actions helped Punk twice so far. Ambrose talked about how is was wrong for Punk to defend his Title & they would have done the same if it where Cena or Ryback. Cole asked Reigns to comment & he said that when he wants to say something he will. Ambrose said that they are about principle & honor & they are a shield from injustice. He said that they are The Shield. Reigns said that’s it & they walked off.

A video was showed of Fandango.

Alicia Fox vs Tamina Snuka: Tamina got the win.

John Cena came to the ring & said that Dolph Ziggler got what he deserved this past Friday on Smackdown. Cena said people have been asking him all week long if AJ is a good kisser. Vickie came out & interrupted. Vickie said that she had a gift for Cena & AJ, matching bath robes. Vickie said that Cena & AJ’s whole world will implode & come crashing down on them. Vickie points out how crazy AJ is to Cena. AJ came down to the ring. AJ said that it is true that she has had a lot of issues in the past but she is trying to become a better person. AJ thanked Vickie for her not being the GM anymore because now she can date & do whatever she wants. AJ started to kiss Cena & Vickie interrupted. Aj said that she isn’t a lovesick puppy anymore. Ziggler came out & said Cena cheap shotted him & wondered why Cena would stoop to that level. Ziggler said AJ was thinking of him when she was kissing Cena. Vickie then made a match for the night, Ziggler vs Cena.

Tensai vs Kofi Kingston: Wade Barrett did commentary during the match. Kingston got the win. After the match Barrett grabbed Kingston’s Intercontinental Title & enterd the ring & handewd it to Kingston then walked off.

Kane & Bryan where backstage arguing who will win the Raw Active poll. Bryan showed a map of the United States where everyone voted for him. Then showed a map of the world where the whole world voted for him. Bryan said the maybe Kane is winning in Hell. Josh Mathews has the results of the poll. Kane won with 58% of the vote. Mathews announced that Bryan has a match vs Rey Mysterio.

Daniel Bryan vs Rey Mysterio: Mysterio got the win.

Del Rio & Rodriguez was backstage, Rosa walked up & thanked Del Rio for defending her.

Josh Mathews interviewed Ziggler in the locker room. Ziggler said that Cena is preoccupied with AJ & that he can’t wait to see AJ’s face after what he does to her boyfriend.

Dolph Ziggler vs John Cena: Ziggler tried to take the turnbuckle pad off & AJ came out & stopped him, then Vickie came out after AJ. Ziggler tried to hit Cena with the briefcase but missed. Cena got the win. After the match AJ kissed Cena.

Sheamus vs Antonio Cesaro: Sheamus won by count out. Big Show came out with a chair. Aheamus told Big Show that if he brings that chair to the ring he better use it. Sheamus said that he will hit him 100 times with the chair at TLC if that is waht it takes to win the World Title . He said he will show him barbaric. Big Show destroyed the chair & walked off.

Damien Sandow vs Zack Ryder: Sandow got the win.

Kane vs CM Punk: Punk got the win. After the match The Sheild surrounded the ring then attacked Kane. Bryan ran out & tried to help Kane but was beat down by the Sheild. Ryback came to the ring & took out The Sheild. Punk then attacked Ryback but Ryback got Punk up on his shoulders to deliver a powerbomb then was attacked again by The Sheild. They triple powerbombed Ryback then left. Punk then posed over Ryback with the WWE Title.




Aaron Anarchy Is a Punk!

Several months ago, I started covering local Indy Wrestling promotions. First, it was HPW based out of Columbus, IN, and then New Era Wrestling out of Shelbyville, IN. I  have thoroughly enjoyed my time following both promotions, and have made some excellent contacts and good friendships at both venues.

I just have one problem – and his name is Aaron Anarchy.

Young Aaron seems to not care for yours truly and the fact that I cover his matches. I admire his ability, and each time I see him wrestle, I believe he gets better in the ring.  However, his attitude  – SUCKS!

It all started when I was videoing him leaving the ring area at the  HPW arena. Anarchy thought the best thing he could do was spit on me and my camera. Since that point in time, he has flipped me off, knocked off my hat, and in this video you can see at about the :16 second mark that he tries to knock the camera out of my hand.

Look, I know the risk involved when I get up close to these tremendous athletes – and I also know that there are some who could care less whether I am able to do my job or not! But the bottom line is this………

…….. Aaron Anarchy, you boy – are a PUNK!

Ed Boston

Co-Founder; DTRT Wrestling News