Raw Recap: October 22 2012 – AJ Lee Resigns as GM

Michael Cole announced that Raw GM AJ Lee tweeted that she had been called to an emergency meeting at the WWE headquarters earlier.

Tag Team Tournament #1 Contender Finals: Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs Team Rhodes Scholars, Team Rhodes Scholars win. They will face Team Hell No for the Tag Team Championship Sunday at Hell In A Cell.

New Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston vs Michael McGillicutty, Kofi wins.

John Cena made his way out to the ring, Cena talked about Hell In A Cell & CM Punks reign as WWE Champion. Cena said Punk was right  when before Punk became Champion – that there was going to be change. Cena said we will see change at Hell In A Cell in the form of Ryback. Cena said Ryback stands for one thing – destruction. Cena said the face of the WWE will change this Sunday. Punk with Paul Heyman came out, Punk said he has done everything he said he was going to do. He bragged about being WWE Champion for 337 days & that he is the best in the world. Punk promised he will walk out of Hell In A Cell as WWE Champion. Punk said he likes Cena’s role as Ryback’s cheerleader & that Cena realized that he can’t beat Punk. Cena said it’s not that he can’t beat Punk , it’s that he wasn’t allowed. Cena said he is now officially medically cleared & wanted to whoop Punk tonight, Punk made his way to the ring climbed onto the ring apron, Heyman talked Punk out of getting in the ring with Cena.

Antonio Cesaro vs Justin Gabriel, Gabriel wins.

Mr. McMahon & AJ arrived in a limo, AJ didn’t look happy.

Mr. McMahon & AJ in the ring.  McMahon said AJ had a meeting with the Board of Directors about her tenure as Raw GM. McMahon let AJ tell the results of the meeting. AJ said because of allegations that she had been fraternizing with a member of the Raw roster, she is resigning as GM. AJ said the allegations are false. AJ said some of her decisions may have been unorthodox & some people thinks she is unstable but she thinks some people just like crazy chicks. AJ talked about growing up just 15 minutes from the arena & that she had gone from being homeless to the boss, she thought she was always going to be a poor girl. AJ thanked the fans & Mr. McMahon. Heyman came down to the ring, he wanted McMahon to name him as the new GM of Raw, McMahon told him no. McMahon introduced Vickie Guerrero as the new Managing Supervisor of Raw. Heyman asked Vickie to undo McMahon decision of putting Ryback in the Hell In A Cell match against CM Punk. Vickie said Ryback is still going to face Punk at Hell In A Cell, & she booked Punk for the nights main event against Sheamus in the largest Lumberjack match in WWE history. Vickie said she knew all along that AJ wasn’t fit to be Raw GM. Vickie said AJ had an affair with a member of the Raw roster. Vickie ordered AJ to leave & go to the back & pack her bags. Vickie kept running her mouth & AJ pounced on Vickie & they brawled.

Ryback vs The Miz. Ryback wins.

Kaitlyn confront Eve backstage, she said she has proof that Eve was the one behind the attack on her. They get into a brawl & Layla came by & got involved until referees broke it up.

Daniel Bryan vs Dolph  Ziggler, Kane came down to ringside. Kane got the crowd chanting YES! Bryan didn’t like it & chanted NO!  Bryan got distracted, Ziggler attacked Bryan from behind & Ziggler got the win.After the match Kane & Bryan argued, Matt Striker came out & announced that Vickie booked them in a therapeutic game show against Team Rhodes Scholars & Strike was going to be the host. Striker had Bryan & Kane introduce themselves & they argued until Team Rhodes Scholars came out to the stage & said they would not take part in the game show. Striker announced Team Hell No as the winners do to forfeit. Striker headed up the ramp to the stage & said he doesn’t wish Team Hell No luck at Hell In A Cell. Big Show came out & grabbed Striker & tossed him across the stage.

Big Show vs Kane, Big Show wins. after the match Team Rhodes Scholars attack Team Hell No.

Cena came up to AJ backstage & told her to asked if there is anything he could do. AJ mentioned that Vickie said she had an affair & the person that the allegation of an affair is with is Cena. Cena said all we had was a business dinner. Cena said he will take care of it. Cena told McMahon that nothing happened between him & AJ – that it was just a business dinner.

Alberto Del Rio vs Zack Ryder, Del Rio wins.

Cena confronted Vickie backstage & called her a liar. Vickie said Cena’s girlfriend AJ can’t keep business from pleasure. Cena said it was just a business dinner. Vickie said Cena asked AJ out on Raw, went out with her & now AJ got what she deserved. Vickie said Cena cost AJ her job.

Punk & Heyman are backstage, Punk isn’t happy with the main event match & that he already misses AJ. Heyman told him not to worry about her. Heyman said that next Monday people are going to have to face the fact that Punk has defeated Ryback at Hell In A Cell.

Lumberjack Match: CM Punk vs Sheamus, Big Show choked slammed Sheamus which allowed Punk to get the win. After the match Ryback came to the ring Punk tried to leave but the lumberjacks threw him back in the ring Ryback slammed Punk. Punk tried to leave again but the lumberjacks threw him back in & Ryback slammed him again, Punk tried to escape again but was tossed back in the ring, Ryback pressed him over his head & tossed him out of the ring.