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It’s Wednesday and it’s me your buddy Nessa bringing you a recap on the WWE DIVAS for Monday night raw. However before we get to that I have to say what an amazing match Eve, Layla, and Kaitlyn put on at Hell in a Cell. I saw a few clips and I must say I thought Kaitlyn had it won after dominating the match for the most part. In the end Eve came out victorious. I’m excited to see what the future holds for these 3 women. So glad they’re getting the time they so deserve. Ok now moving on to Raw. As we all know Vickie and AJ are far from being friends so with Vickie in power of corse she’s going to do all she can to make AJ miserable. She was seen in her office telling AJ that she could indeed have her job back as a Diva under the condition that AJ never lays a hand on her. Vickie then tells AJ she will have her 1st match back against none other then the Glamazon Beth Phoenix. Now this made me happy for two reasons one being AJ is finely back in the ring and 2nd I love Beth and its been awhile since we’ve seen her compete. The match was pretty solid but you could clearly see AJ had ring rust. In the end AJ used her small size to her advantage and pulls out a surprise victory against the Glamazon with an inside Cradle. As AJ is celebrating you hear the Infamous “Excuse me!” Vickie says AJ is going to have to do more then that to impress her and the match is restarted. The bell rings and Beth blindsides AJ from behind following up with an awesome Glam Slam for the win. We return from Commercial and AJ is seen talking to Cena all the while with Vickie lurking in the background with a devious smile on her face. She is then joined by Phoenix who thanks her for restarting the match. Vickie tells Beth “if she would’ve done a better job she would’ve never had to restart it and as of now effective Immediately you’re fired” this leaves Beth speechless and in shock. Now I’m not sure if you all are aware but Beth’s contract has been up since the 22nd and the WWE wanted a good write off. Not to mention Charlotte was where Beth They debuted attacking Mickie James back in 2006
So it made perfect since to have her last match in the very arena she debuted. With that said Beth was and always will be one of the greats. I have had the honor of meeting her twice and watching her wrestle 3 times. She will be missed and there will never be another Glamazon Beth Phoenix. After training with OVW from 2005-2006 and wrestling with the WWE from 2006-2012 she has given us 7 amazing years of her life and those years will never be forgotten. Thank you Beth and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say we wish you nothing but the best and blessings for your future. So guys tell me what was your favorite Beth Phoenix moment? Certainly I won’t forget all the divas she dominated over the years 2nd question I’ll leave you with is if anyone who do you see following Beth’s footsteps? Until next week this is Nessa singing off have a blessed week and a happy Halloween

Raw Recap: October 29 2012 – It’s Team Punk vs Team Foley

The show opened with pictures from the Ryback vs CM Punk Hell In A Cell Match. A banged up WWE Champion CM Punk with Paul Heyman limped his way to the ring. Punk said everyone was wrong that he couldn’t beat Ryback & that he proved everyone wrong. Punk talked about how he has beaten all of the WWE fans list of heroes. Punk said he had nothing to do with referee Brad Maddox helping him beat Ryback. Punk said there wont be a rematch with Ryback, then out came Mick Foley. Foley said he didn’t come out here to embarrass Punk because Punk did a good job of that at Hell In A Cell. Foley told Punk that last month he gave him a choice of being a Legend or to be a statistic. Foley said Punk blew it. Punk bragged about being champion for 344 days. Punk said Foley seemed liked he wanted to do something about it. Punk proposed a traditional Survivor Series match at Survivor Series, Team Punk vs Team Foley. Foley accepted, then Ryback made his way to the ring & Punk & Heyman took off through the crowd.

Ryback vs JTG, Ryback wins. After the match Josh Mathews asked Ryback if he has an appetite for revenge. Ryback said revenge is an admission of pain & he is not hurting, he’s hungry. Ryback said when he feast again it will be on CM Punk. Ryback started chanting “feed me Punk”.

Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett, Orton wins after hitting the RKO.

Backstage Vickie Guerrero told AJ Lee that she will have the chance to explain her affair with John Cena. AJ said she didn’t have an affair. Vickie said the Board of Directors has asked her to consider hiring AJ back as a Diva. Vickie said she will determine if AJ is eligible. AJ said she wants to be a performer again. Vickie asked AJ what she considered her biggest weakness to be. AJ said she can become too emotionally attached to her job. Vickie asked if AJ was admitting she’s crazy. Vickie told AJ to come to her office & give her one good reason for her to give AJ a contract.

Team Hell No vs The Prime Time Players, Team Hell No wins. After the match Kane & Bryan argue who is the Tag Team Champions.

Vickie came to the ring & introduced John Cena to the ring. Cena said Vickie’s actions last week were outrageous & to show her proof of the affair with AJ. Vickie showed footage of Cena asking out AJ. Cena said it was a joke. Vickie then showed footage from last week of Cena hugging AJ. Cena said he was just giving a friend a shoulder to cry on. Vickie showed pictures of Cena & AJ having dinner. Cena said it was just a business dinner. Vickie the showed footage of Cena & AJ outside of an hotel elevator, AJ got in the elevator with Cena. Cena said what you saw was just two people getting in a elevator. Cena said he walked AJ to her door. Vickie suggested AJ invited Cena into her room. Vickie started calling AJ names & Cena cut her off & takes up for AJ. Dolph Ziggler came down to the ring. Ziggler said everybody has seen enough to draw their on conclusion. Cena grabbed Ziggler & told him to never mention his & AJ name in the same sentence again. Cena shoved Ziggler down to the mat.

Antonio Cesaro vs Kofi Kingston, The Miz was at ringside doing commentary for the match. The Miz interfered by attacking Kofi. Kofi wins by DQ. R-Truth came down to ring to help Kofi.

Backstage Vickie teases AJ about her relationship with Cena. Vickie said she will hire AJ if  she will admit she cares for Cena. AJ said WWE means everything to her but Vickie is not worth lying for or hurting Cena. Vickie told AJ she is hired, bit if she ever lays her hands on her she is done. Vickie said to AJ that she has a match against Beth Phoenix. AJ said O.K.

Santino Marella & Zack Ryder vs Heath Slater & Jinder Mahal of 3MB, Slater & Mahal wins.

It was announced that Jerry “The King” Lawler will return in 2 weeks.

AJ vs Beth Phoenix, AJ wins but Vickie came out & said she demands more from AJ, Beth attacked AJ & Vickie said she is going to give AJ 1 more chance to do better & Vickie ordered the match the be restarted. Beth wins.

Sheamus came to the ring, Sheamus talked about still having a smile on his face after losing the World Title to the Big Show. Sheamus said Big Show was the better man at Hell In A Cell but that the war is not over. Big Show came out & said Sheamus is smiling to hide the truth. Big Show said no one has ever made him dig that deep & he realized that he has no limits& whatever Sheamus brings wont be enough. Big Show said that Sheamus can’t beat him & will never take the title from him. Sheamus picked up Big Show & dropped him with the White Noise.

Backstage Cena hugged AJ & told her it was good to see her back in the ring & to keep her chin up. Vickie was looking on in the background. Beth Phoenix approached Vickie. Vickie told Beth that if she had done her job to begin with she wouldn’t have needed to restart the match. Vickie then fired Beth.

Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs Team Rhodes Scholars, Team Rhodes Scholars win.

A video was showed about WWE teaming with Susan G. Komen. Vince McMahon & the WWE roster was on the stage. McMahon introduced Cena who was in the ring, Cena presented a check for $1,000,000 to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Alberto Del Rio vs Justin Gabriel, Del Rio wins.

Paul Heyman in the ring brings out CM Punk, Punk limped his way to the ring. Heyman called Punk the greatest WWE Champion of all time. Heyman introduced Team Punk: The Miz, Team Rhodes Scholars & Alberto Del Rio. Punk said at Survivor Series it will be a celebration & said he will put Foley out of his misery. Foley came out to the ring. Foley said Punk weaseled his way out of Hell In A Cell & at the site of Ryback by having a crooked referee. Foley introduced Team Foley: Kofi Kingston, Team Hell No & Randy Orton. Punk praised Foley on his team. Foley said he wasn’t competing & introduced his 5th man, Ryback. A brawl broke out in the ring as Ryback made his way to the ring. Punk & Heyman retreated up the ramp as Ryback from the center of the ring stared at Punk, fans started chanting “feed me more”. Ryback picked up & delivered the Shell Shocked to Cody Rhodes.

The Reason Tommy Rich and Doug Gilbert are Coming To HPW

This video was published on Oct 9, 2012 by DTRTwrestlingnews.
Jerry Wilson gets the last word when he announces that Tommy “Wildfire” Rich and Dangerous Doug Gilbert will be in town for the 14th Anniversary Show and they will have Wilson’s back when the face the High Rollers.

Hell In A Cell Live Results 2012

Refresh this page regularly during tonight’s pay-per-view for live results of all the matches and any newsworthy moments.

WWE Title Match: Champion CM Punk vs Ryback in Hell in a Cell

Match opens with Punk in constant retreat trying to stay away from Ryback. After Paul Heyman distracts the challenger from outside the Hell in a Cell cage Punk comes out from his UNDER the ring hiding spot by spraying Ryback with a fire extinguisher in the face.

Ryback uses his power. Punk uses chairs and kendo stick. As Ryback is about to finish Punk with a Shell Shock the referee hits Ryback with a low blow and helps Punk win by holding down Ryback and and fast counting Ryback.

After the match Ryback demolishes the referee and follows Punk to the top of the Hell in a Cell cage and Shell Shocks the champion on top of the cell!

PPV ends with Ryback standing on Punk leading a Feed Me More chant.

Divas Title Triple Threat Match: Eve vs. Layla vs Kaitlyn

Divas get prime slot prior to Main Event. All three Superstars show the talent make them worthy of the slot them earned tonight.

Eve pins Layla to retain the DivasTitle.

Winner: Eve

(Editorial comment from Ed Boston – Big Show vs. Sheamus was match of the night thus far.)
World Heavyweight Title Match – Sheamus vs. The Big Show

Both men show a lot of power. Lots of back and forth. Sheamus having trouble putting together any prolonged momentum. Big Show starts to dominate.

(Editorial comment from Ed Boston – is Sheamus the whitest white guy in the history of the world?)

Big Show continues to dominate and not allow any sustained attacks and Sheamus shows the beating he has been taking by all the red marks and welts on his body.

Sheamus kicks out after a massive choke slam.

Amazingly Sheamus hits White Noise. Show blocks Brogue Kick and hits the KO Punch but Sheamus kicks out.

Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick after ducking another KO punch but Big Show kicked out.

Sheamus tries one more Brogue Kick one more time but as his leg goes up Show hits another KO Punch.

In the words of JR, The Big Show beats the Walking Slobberknocker Sheamus.

Winner and new World Heavyweight Chamion: The Big Show.

Sin Cara and Rey Mesterio vs. The Prime Time Players

Prime Time Players isolate Sin Cara for several minutes. Great tag team strategy by PTP. Hot tag to Meysterio – hits the 619 to Young and Rey gets the pin.

After match, showing where Sin Cara is getting medical attention from Dr. Sampson (the man who saved Jerry “The King” Lawler’s life). Sin Cara took a nasty bump shown on replay during match.

Winners: Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara

Ryback highlight video plays.

United States Title Match – Antonio Cesaro defends vs Justin Gabriel.

Gabriel dominated most of the match with numerous high risk maneuvers. He took one too many allowing Cesaro to hot the Neutralizer and get the pin.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro

Kofi Kingston defends Intercontinental Title vs Former Champ The Miz.

Great action from both competitors. Miz gets Kofi grounded by working over Kofi’s left leg.

After both counter the other’s finishing move, Kofi hits a surprising Trouble in Paradise for the win and retain the IC Title.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

Team Hell No defending Tag Championship vs Team Rhodes Scholars.

Bryan and Kane surprisingly functioning as a well oiled machine as announcer JBL said.

Rhodes and Sandow isolate Bryan after Team Hell No’s early domination.

Kane tags in and demolishes Team Rhodes Scholars, but then Bryan and Kane begin to show the disfunction they are known for. Kane looses it and gets DQ’d.

Winner: Team Rhodes Scholars, but Team Hell No retain the titles.

Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio in the opening match. Del Rio worked on Orton’s left shoulder. Orton did his signature moves.

After countering the arm breaker submission hold, Orton hit an RKO to counter a top rope maneuver by Del Rio to gain the pin fall.

Winner: Randy Orton

Pre show starts with recap of AJ Lee resigning and then Michael Cole r John Cena by taking questions from social media outlets.

After several questions from fans, out comes Vickie Guerrero to lecture Cena about getting his hand caught in the cookie jar. That was just a distraction as Dolph Zigglar attacks Cena. Cena clotheslined Dolph out of the ring and Mr. Money in the Bank and Vickie retreat.

Update: 7:15 EST

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