Trevor Recruiting Help From AJ Fans

I have had a long and busy week, and added in with my private life business, my young friend and co-founder of DTRT Wrestling, Trevor, has decided to get busy in our little “disagreement” over Raw GM AJ Lee and the awesome cougar herself Vickie Guerrero. Last night, while busy covering a live wrestling event I checked our Facebook page and found the following:


The battle of generations continues between our site’s own writers Ed and Trevor!

Will Trevor be at the Raw live chat Monday night along with Ed as usual or will he leave Ed to run everything himself?

Will AJ have to face someone from the WWE board of directors on Monday night? Will it perhaps be Mr. McMahon? And most importantly is her position as Raw GM going to come to an End?

Here’s Ed’s latest response to Trevor posted today
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Then after coming home I find that Trevor (I may soon have to nickname him “Trevor the Traitor”) had been out recruiting help for his cause with one of our affliates at Miss .

Trevor has contacted me for all AJ fans to back him/team up and show support for AJ Lee in this debate.

You can read the entire post from Miss by clicking this link.

The evidence is all right there in the post. Trevor is trying to influence the poll we currently have running here on our site. He is recruiting help from all over the world, as I must admit the folks at Miss have a fine website promoting the Raw GM and they have a huge following.

[poll id=”12″]

Well, I’m not going to play games by saying who is or who isn’t going to work the Raw Live Blog (Trevor is co-founder, but I’m still “The Boss”) or play a video for you again as I did in the link above.

I’m going straight to Vickie Guerrero herself, and BTW she knows who we are here at DTRT Wrestling News.