Raw’s Shocking End: Brock Lesnar Attacks Shawn Michaels Days Before Summerslam!

Triple H looks on as a WWE medical official tends to HBK after the brutal attack by Lesnar.

Just days away from the 25th anniversary of Summerslam Brock Lesnar proves once again he is not a “sports entertainer” but a heartless ruthless monster looking for a fight. Last night as WWE Monday Night Raw went off the air Brock Lesnar attacked Shawn Michaels in what was obviously a pre-meditated attack.

Shawn Michaels is an innocent bystander and a friend to Triple H who unwillingly got caught in the middle of this heated feud between Triple H and Brock Lesnar. You have to feel for general manager AJ Lee who as the leader of Raw seamed to loose all control of the show as it ended.

A visibly shaken general manager AJ Lee tries to deal with what just happened on her show Raw



Distraught and in shock Raw general manager AJ Lee had referees and backstage officials going to her for answers as everyone was trying to find out where Brock Lesnar had taken HBK. The aftermath of the attack was visible when WWE Raw returned from a required commercial break even though the actual assault was only captured by audio thanks to Lesnar’s force knocking out the video feed.

What if any repercussions will Brock Lesnar face before Sunday at Summerslam? This feud between Triple H and Brock Lesnar was already personal but now it has reached an unprecedented level that no one ever expected. As of right now all sources indicate that HBK’s arm is indeed broken.


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  1. […] With no words spoken Lesnar and Triple H sign their contract. Then a little later as HBK tries to leave the parking lot, Paul Heyman blocks his way. Lesnar pulls HBK out of the car and the two end up back in the ring. After a devastating F-5, Lesnar slapped the same hold on HBK that he used to break The Game’s arm back in April.  As Triple H headed to the ring to help The Showstopper, Heyman told him to stop or Brock would break HBK’s arm. As The Game held back, Lesnar appeared to snap the arm of Shawn Michaels. Go here to read Trevor’s take on the final segment. […]

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