Updated: The Mystory WWE Radio Voice Revealed (Corrections)

Updated: September 2, 2012

Everyone makes mistakes or oversights and it is a normal part of life. I try to be as truthful and honest when posting here on this site. The voiceover artist featured in this post and the video below has nicely offered some information that gives me a more acerate detail of what he does and doesn’t do for World Wrestling Entertainment. In fairness to those who also provide service to the WWE and in an effort to maintain a healthy and respectful relationship I wanted to post Ed Weigle’s response to this post.

We respect everyone behind the scenes who sometimes does not get enough recognition and one of our goals here at the site aside from covering the pro wrestling industry is to showcase those who work hard behind the scenes as well. We pride ourselves as an organization on covering things fairly and truthfully and we are grateful for the correction.


Someone told me about your kind post. Thanks for the shout out, Trevor! However, I’m only the voice of the RADIO spots, which promote our events (Raw, Smackdown, Wrestlemania, pay-per-views, non-televised events, etc.) in all the English speaking markets, worldwide. Been voicing–as well as producing–those, from our studios in Sarasota, Florida, for more than a decade (Among many other voice-over projects, including the new Aerosmith video, “Legendary Child”). The TV spots, special program content and DVDs are voiced by a host of actors, among them, Keith David–who is also one hell of great singer! The TV spots are produced in Stamford, CT., where WWE headquarters are located. To my knowledge, I’ve not done anything which has appeared on our TV shows or DVDs–although, I’d certainly not turn it down if they asked me! Best of luck to you! Glad you enjoy WWE, and our spots! Ed Weigle



Originally Posted on Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Admit it you get chills when you hear him say “And now WWE presents…..” at the beginning of pay-per-views right?

You love his promos for Raw and Smackdown that air right before showtime too right?

Well so do we! So we went on a quest to find out who in the world is “The Voice of the WWE” and guess what? We found him!

Meet Ed Weigle a veteran radio and television voiceover artist who is the official voice of the WWE. He’s even got a logo on his studio mic to prove it.