“Backstage Fallout” Raw – July 30, 2012

Ed’s thoughts on the backstage fallout:

I must admit (and I’m not saying this just for my partner Trevor’s benefit), but I have to agree  with the Crazy Chick, that The Age of AJ is off to a fantastic start. While newly turned heel CM Punk wouldn’t agree (he screams “Are you crazy” at AJ as the show ends), it’s my opinion that AJ did a much better job as GM than Punk did as a heel.

Being a huge Jericho fan, I am excited that he is fueding with Dolph Ziggler and that it appears he will be a face again for a while. I love hearing the crowd pop for The Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla when he comes out to Break the Walls Down! I  also thought that Jericho and Christian worked great together.

While it is funny and good entertainment, how long can Kofi put up with “Little Jimmy” getting in the way of the progress for the tag champions (notice Kofi shaking his head at the end of that part). And I’ve got 2 “what’s up with……” issues with AW. 1) What’s up with AW being a sissy and throwing a shoe at Kofi, and 2)What’s up with AW having a live mic during the entire match. Someone needs to find his mute button.