Roman Reigns Was Ordered To Apologize To Talent In Locker Room, How Much Suspension Will Cost Him

Source: WrestlingINC

Dave Meltzer reported in the latest issue of The Wrestling Observer that Roman Reigns was ordered to apologize to the locker room last week before being sent home for his first violation of the WWE Wellness Policy. It was met with mixed reactions, with some feeling that Reigns didn’t need to be humiliated like that, while others disagreed.

It was Mark Carrano that ultimately ordered Reigns to issue the apology, which Meltzer noted meant that it came from Triple H and not from Vince McMahon’s side.

Meltzer also pointed out that wrestlers don’t get paid any of their wrestling pay and downside guarantees during their suspension, so this is costing Reigns in the neighborhood of $100,000 since he was scheduled to headline every house show that he was on during that period. However, he won’t be missing any pay-per-views, which is his biggest payoff. He will also still be getting paid royalties and points on his merchandise during the suspension.

Update On Randy Orton’s WWE Status

Randy Orton’s return to WWE TV was said to be imminent and he is now being advertised for WWE Live events in August. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Orton’s shoulder is still not 100%, but is improving, and that he’s still about a month or so away from training for a return.

John Cena Endorses Jimmy Kimmel For VP

During this election year, late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel on his show has this running joke that he is running an independent campaign for Vice-President of the United States.

John Cena was a guest on his show last night. Cena took the podium and delivered an impassioned stump speech in support of Kimmel. Taking a second to confirm that Kimmel is “killing it in the polls,” Cena exclaims, “You’re not just ahead, man! Kimmel has 100% of the vote with no opponents!” Highlighting the “big deal” of said accomplishment, Cena continued to pummel the message of Kimmel’s campaign into the crowd.

“This man. He’s a product of our country,” Cena continued. “He wasn’t manufactured in a factory over-seas. He was made in America!” Listing out attributes like loyalty, integrity and hard work, the speech almost feels like many we’ve seen countless times before. Yet, that’s where the passion of the wrestler got the better of him.

Moving from inspirational to motivationally threatening, Cena promised to hand out some “attitude adjustments” for anyone not giving Kimmel their vote. Cena picked up the podium and smashed it on the ground.

Why The Wyatts Were Not On ESPN

Source: WrestlingINC

It was announced on RAW this past Monday night that The Wyatt Family would be appearing on last night’s Off The Top Rope segment on ESPN Sportscenter, however the segment was scrapped. Jonathan Coachman noted that it was cancelled this week because of the network’s coverage on the deaths of Pat Summitt and Buddy Ryan, however he noted that the segment would return next week. There was still a RAW recap segment last night on Sportscenter, which you can watch here.

NXT Preview: 6/29/16

The following matches were taped for tonight’s WWE NXT episode:

Alexa Bliss vs. Carmella

Andrade “Cien” Almas vs. Noah Potjes

Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa vs. Hype Bros

NXT Champion Samoa Joe vs. Oney Lorcan (possible dark match)