Breaking News: Jose Aldo out of UFC189

  Today was a huge day for the UFC as they announced the release of the Reebok fight kit. That wasn't the only reason why this day is being talked about though because some disheartening news just came to light and was confirmed by UFC president Dama White himself. Earlier in the moth UFC featherweight champion … Continue reading Breaking News: Jose Aldo out of UFC189


Backstage Talk On Possible TNA – GFW Invasion Angle reports that some of the TNA talents being released are actually being "transferred" as part of a TNA - GFW invasion angle. It's expected that any TNA talent who is now in Global Force Wrestling, James Storm in particular, will be back on TNA TV in the near future. Source:

Magazine No Longer Recognizing TNA World Title

Long-running wrestling news magazine, Pro Wrestling Illustrated announced this week that they are no longer recognizing TNA's World Heavyweight Championship as a World Title. They will only recognize the WWE World Heavyweight Championship as World Title. Source:  

Austin Aries Gone From TNA, Signs Deal With Talent Agency

Austin Aries' TNA contract has expired and he's done with the company. Aries gas signed on with The Regime, a Los Angeles based talent management firm representing musicians, athletes and respected artist across all fields of entertainment. For all inquires regarding Austin Aries, including booking, publicity and more, please contact Josh Eldridge at   … Continue reading Austin Aries Gone From TNA, Signs Deal With Talent Agency

Former TNA Star Joins Global Force Wrestling

Nick Aldis known as Magnus in TNA has signed on with Global Force Wrestling. His TNA contract just expired. Aldis is expected to be part of the next GFW Grand Slam Tour events on July 9 in Wisconsin, July 10 in Pennsylvania and July 11 in Ohio. He will also be headlining the first ever … Continue reading Former TNA Star Joins Global Force Wrestling

Dixie Carter Confirms Jeff Jarrett Inducted Into TNA Hall Of Fame

Dixie Carter confirmed on Twitter that she inducted Jeff Jarrett into the TNA Hall of Fame during Saturday night's Impact Wrestling tapings in Orlando. The ceremony should air in late July or Early August.