Live with Chris Jericho recap

One of the many perks of the WWE NETWORK are the exclusives you get. One of those exclusives is Live with Chris Jericho.

Tonight was the 2nd edition of the show and Chris Jericho’s guest was none other than Stephanie McMahon herself. In this in depth one on one conversation many topics were covered. Everything from how Stephanie got started in the business, her relationship with her husband Triple H, her favorite moments in her career, her feud with Jericho, her infamous slap, the segment with Ronda Rousey at mania and so much more.

While watching this interview you can’t help but love Stephanie. She truly is an incredible woman with a big heart and an undying love for this business. Even though Stephanie portrays a heel on television that couldn’t be further from the truth. Stephanie however says playing a heel is important especially when she gets what’s coming to her because it shows the WWE universe to stand up to the bully. She talked about what an impact Be a Star has had and how much she wishes it was around in the early days.

Stephanie admits that she loves being a “Bitch” on television and the boos she receives is the greatest feeling. Boos are like a standing ovation to heels and she absolutely loves it.

On working with Ronda Rousey.

Stephanie said that from the moment she slapped The Rock and heard the crowd chatting for Ronda she knew the moment was going to be good. She said to work with someone as empowering as Ronda was incredible. She says what she loves about Ronda is that she isn’t afraid to be herself and she hopes that her daughters can learn to be like her.

She also went on to say that Ronda proves that women can main event and she hopes to one day do the same with the WWE divas. She continued to say she wants to work with Ronda again but only time will tell and she was proud of that mania moment.

Regarding #GiveDivasAChance

Stephanie spoke on that it was trending on Twitter for 3 days and that’s because the fans wanted to be heard. She went on to say that the moment was so important that Vince McMahon himself had to respond. Stephanie went on to say that she continues to push #GiveDivasAchance everyday and hopes that one day they can get a true chance to prove themselves.

On her favorite match/moment.

Her match with Brie Bella is her favorite thing in her career for two reasons.

  • It had been 11 years since she last competed in the ring prior to that moment
  • Her 3 daughters where in the crowd

When describing this moment Stephanie got emotional because after the match concluded and she went backstage she was met by her daughters chanting “you still got it

In this interview she also talked about

  • Her oldest daughter being a natural-born heel
  • Working with Chris Jericho
  • Sharing Vickie Guerrero’s final moment of her career with her
  • Being scared by George ” the animal steal”
  • Her brother Shane

If you missed this one I highly suggest you watch it on demand on the network if you can or find it on YouTube or something because it was awesome and insightful.

-Vanessa (@GreatLove91)

Ronda Rousey and WWE??

 The moment involving The Rock, HHH, Stephanie McMahon and Ronda Rousey was easily one of the best moments of this years WrestleMania. It was all over every sports media outlet and left the fans wanting more. Ever since then people have been asking will we see Ronda Rousey again??

Just a few days ago Dana White was asked if Rousey would be back in WWE to which he quickly replied “No it was one and done.

Now according to it is being said that white’s response shocked creative since they were hoping for a match between Stephanie and Rousey at WrestleMania 32. They had even hoped for a small angle during this years Hell in a Cell PPV since it’s taking place in Rousey’s back yard of LA.

One source at Wrestling News Obsever says that the feeling within WWE is that it’s still not a dead deal even if White hasn’t signed off on anything. It is also being said that WWE has videos set up of Rousey and Stephanie and that Stephanie may be talking about the situation on the Live with Chris Jericho special tonight on the WWE NETWORK 

It should also be noted that when Rousey was a guest on the Pipers Pit podcast she said from the moment the segment at WrestleMania was over she knew that she couldn’t not come back and she’d do what ever she could to get back in there again.

I personally think Dana White saying it was one and done is damage control and we will be seeing her again. WWE has always been open to it, Rousey has friends within the company and quite frankly it would be a dumb business move on White’s part not to work out some sort of deal since it would be a huge crossover and could potentially bring new eyes to the UFC.

What do you guys think? Will we see Rousey in the squared circle again? Let us know in the comments.

-Vanessa (@GreatLove91)

Lucha Underground Results: 4/29/15

Fenix def. Killshot

4-Way Match: Famous B VS Ricky Mandel VS Vinny Massaro VS Argenis: Texano came in and destroyed everyone. Texano challenges Daivari to came back for a fight.

Mary “The Moth” Martinez confronts Dario Cueto outside the Temple. He wants to compete. Cueto said no, he doesn’t have tome for him, tells him that he would get crushed like a moth.

#1 Contender’s Match: Hernandez def. King Cuerno and Cage

Lucha Underground Championship: Title VS Career: (C) Prince Puma w/Konnan def. Drago: Hernandez interfered, attacking Drago. Puma wasn’t happy about it. Konnan told Puma to show no mercy and to finish Drago. Puma hit the Thunder Driver for the win.

After the match, Puma hugged Drago as the fans chant for him. Drago tells Cueto that they will meet again. Drago walked through a door and there was an explosion.


Dixie Carter To Be On Steve Austin’s Podcast

TNA President Dixie Carter posted a picture of her with Steve Austin and announced that she will be on Austin’s “Steve Austin Show” podcast this Tuesday at


Rumors on Wrestlers Jeff Jarrett’s GFW Have Reached Out To

Jeff Jarrett and his Global Force Wrestling have been reaching out to a lot of wrestlers lately. Jarrett has Scott D’Amore and Sonjay Dutt working on the office side for GFW. Dutt has been calling wrestlers. Jarrett is reportedly going after ROH and TNA wrestlers that have contracts expiring soon and wrestlers who are good but not under contract. Roderick Strong is said to be one of the biggest names GFW has reached out to, but there are rumors that they have reached out to Team 3D, Chris Masters and Shelton Benjamin. Jarrett has reportedly offered some of the wrestlers the possibility of working 39 dates.




TNA Wrestler Threatens To Quit & Go To GFW, Eddie Edwards Return Update

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that one TNA wrestler got so agitated over his late pay, he threatened to quit and would go work for Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling. Apparently the issue got straightened out quickly.

Eddie Edwards who has been out of action from a broken heel injury returned to the ring on April 25 for Super Smash Wrestling. He was expected to be out until May. Edwards should be back in action at the upcoming TNA tapings in May.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter via