The Off-Season? 

Some may consider the time from the end of SummerSlam to the Royal Rumble as the WWE off-season. With the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar missing from RAW and multiple Pay-Per-View events, many may wonder why Lesnar can stay not defending the title when Daniel Bryan was just stripped of his title earlier in the year. Why is this that Daniel Bryan has to defend his title every 30 days when Brock Lesnar may not return until the Royal Rumble in January. Without a championship, how can Seth Rollins’ storyline develop with his Money In The Bank briefcase without the title in the picture? While there have been excellent story lines, the Rollins/Ambrose feud coming to mind, along with the push of newer talent, such as the return of Ryback and bringing Bray Wyatt into a feud with rising star Dean Ambrose, there’s still exciting storytelling, but what about the champion? Isn’t that one of, if not the main goal of any WWE wrestler—to be the number one champion?

With John Cena back in the title picture, when will it happen? What about discussion of John Cena possibly breaking Ric Flair’s 16-time championship record? Where’s Paul Heyman to be around as a reminder for the fans that Brock Lesnar is the champ? Brie Bella reminds fans of Daniel Bryan by keeping the “YES” chant alive, so why can’t Heyman return to do the same? It’s an interesting time with many questions, but even if this may be the “off-season” for the WWE, that doesn’t mean that there has to be a lack of excitement and creative storytelling. Here’s to more pushing of the young talent and for whenever Brock Lesnar does return, it will be even more meaningful.


A decade of badassery


Do you remember what you were doing on October 31st 2003? My 12 year old self was trick or treating in my neighborhood dressed as the infamous Jason Voorhees. I remember I used my brothers Friday the 13th mask covered in blood, my ensemble included a gray long sleeve thermal, with a jean jacket over it, topped off with some ripped up jeans splattered in blood. (Fake of corse) it wasn’t the best but my mom made do and honestly it’s a moment I treasure especially because my mom is no longer with me.

I’m sure some of you where trick or treating as well. Or maybe you were taking your kids out for candy? Maybe you were at a party or watching scary movies?

That is unless you were Shayna Baszler. October 31st 2003 is when Shayna Baszler made her pro mma debut at the age of 23, in a barn in the middle of nowhere for a local MMA show then known as NHB (no holds bard) for an organization called RCF (Reality Cage Fighting). Her opponent? Tina Johnson a girl that had been running her mouth because no one had beaten her. Shayna coming from a family of wrestlers wanted nothing more then to put an end to the trash talk. Little did she know it would become something she loved and through that love become the “queen of spades.

Of corse Baszler went on to defeat Johnson that night and has been proving since then that she is one of the best time and time again. Defeating the likes of Alexis Davis, Sarah D’alellio, Julie Kedzie, Roxanne Modaferri, Megumi Yabyushita and so much more. I mean some people even say she should’ve got the decision win over Sara Mcmann. Nonetheless her 15-9 record speaks for itself.Sure it’s been a battle of highs and lows even a few injuries but that doesn’t take away all Baszler has accomplished in the sport and done for the sport as a whole. Today she is regarded as one of the pioneers who paved the way for WMMA

Sure I may have not been there since Baszler’s humble beginnings but I have been there for 416 days and those are days that I am proud of. After all I’ve gotten the nickname “the general of the queens army” on social media.

A lot can change in 11 years but one thing that hasn’t changed is Shayna’s passion and drive for what she does, so here’s to a bright future of epic battles, awesome promos, twitter wars and just straight up badassery.

-Vanessa (@GreatLove91)

Cesaro Punished For Cena-Orton Criticism?



In a interview with the Liverpool Echo last week, Cesaro criticized the John Cena VS Randy Orton match.

Cesaro said: “It is a new era of guys. It’s a new generation, and it’s a lot of fun to watch that because there are fresh match-ups. I mean, I’m sick of seeing John Cena against Randy Orton for the 500th time. It’s great that we have some new, young guys that can come out and provide absolutely great match-ups and for the fans there are fresh, exciting matches and things to watch.”

The word behind-the-scene at the moment is that Cesaro is being punished for those comments. Since speaking to the paper, Cesaro was defeated clean by Dolph Ziggler in 2 straight falla at Hell In A Cell & then destroyed by Dean Ambrose the next night on RAW.

This would not be the first time a superstar has been punished for criticizing WWE creative in the public domain.

Scource: Bleacher Report & Wrestling Observer Newsletter

WWE Denies Undertaker NXT Reports


As noted earlier, there was reports that The Undertaker would be taking on a new role in WWE as a NXT advisor. WWE is now denying that the reports are inaccurate.

A WWE spokesperson told The Washington Post that “the reports are inaccurate.” They had not further comment on if he was in talks with a position at NXT, nor did they comment on rumors that he is retiring from in-ring competition.


“Jingle All The Way 2” Trailer Featuring Santino Marella Released

The trailer for the 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment & WWE Studios movie Jingle All The Way 2 starring Larry the Cable Guy & featuring Santino Marella has been released. The movie is a sequel to the 1996 film Jingle All The Way that starred Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Jingle All The Way 2 is Larry the Cable Guy & Santino appearing as desperate dads competing in a no-holds-barred battle to be the best father on Christmas. The movie will be out in time for the holidays.

Santino tweeted about the movie:

WWE Network Free In November For New Subscribers Plus New No-Commitment Plan


WWE announced to day that new subscribers will receive WWE Network free of charge for the entire month of November – including Survivor Series on Sunday, Nov. 23rd. There will be a New Simplified Price Plan: WWE Network will be available for $9.99 per month with no commitment and the ability to cancel at any time.

New subscribers can begin signing up tomorrow, October 31, at 11:00 am ET.

WWE issued the following statement:

“We are excited to offer new WWE Network subscribers the month of November free to experience all of our live programming, explore thousands of hours of video-on-demand content, and watch Survivor Series, one of our most popular events,” said Michelle Wilson, WWE Chief Revenue & Marketing Officer. “Our research combined with best practices in digital subscription businesses affirms our belief that a simple, single price plan will help us continue to grow WWE Network’s subscriber base.”