NXT ARRIVAL: Paige And Emma Are The Future For Women’s Wrestling

If you were lucky enough to witness the NXT Women’s Championship match last night during NXT Arrival on the WWE Network you witnessed the best example of what a women’s wrestling match can and ALWAYS should be. Paige and Emma are both talented and great examples of what every single match should be like for female wrestlers. WWE creative take notice and give us more.

Everyone always goes to talk about the males in this sport but in my opinion these two talented wrestlers were the ones who truly won the hearts of fans last night.

Watch the highlights of the match below

TNA Impact Recap


Gunner was in the back looking for James Storm. He was asked what he wants to say to Storm. Gunner said, Storm doesn’t have a chance in hell when he shows up.

MVP came to the ring for the contract signing for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match at Lockdown. He brought out Samoa Joe & the Champion Magnus. MVP said for the match, Magnus Rules are out & Joe Rules are in, which means must win by Submission or Knockout. Joe signed the contract. Magnus called Joe a dangerous animal & signed the contract. Magnus taunted Joe & Joe attacked him. Joe had to be pulled of off Magnus.

Footage was shown of The Wolves beating The BroMans to become the new TNA World Heavyweight Champions.

The BroMans & DJ Zema Ion in the back mad about losing the tag titles to The Wolves. They went to find Bobby Roode. The BroMans wants to be on Roode’s Lethal Lockdown team. Roode set up a match for The BroMans VS Bad Influence VS The Wolves. Roode said if The BroMans win they get the spot, if Bad Influence win they get the spot, Wolves win the search continues.

The Wolves VS The BroMans VS Bad Influence: Robbie E pinned Kazarian. The BroMans got the win & are on Booby Roode’s Lethal Lockdown team.

EC3 in the back was asked what he has planned for tonight. EC3 said his Aunt Dixie let him pick his opponent for tonight & he picked one of the greatest wrestlers London has ever produced. EC3 talked about Kurt Angle’s Hall of Fame induction. EC3 said he is going to expose the truth. EC3 said he is going to become the new face of American wrestling.

Bobby Roode talked to Austin Aries somewhere in the back of the arena. Roode wants Aries to join his team for Lethal Lockdown instead of MVP’s team.

Ethan Carter III VS Doug Williams: EC3 got the win. After the match, EC3 assaulted Williams & used a submission hold.

James Storm was seen arriving to the building.

James Strom came to the ring & said he doesn’t run or hide & said for Gunner to come out if he wants to know why he cost him the TNA World Title last week. Gunner came down. Storm explained how he planned out screwing Gunner ever since Gunner climbed over him to get the Feast or Fired briefcase. Storm said he did it because he wanted Gunner to how it felt to have his hopes & dreams in his hands only for it to disappear. Strom said Gunner giving him the Tag Team Title shot briefcase was like him taking a backseat to him & Storm said he doesn’t take a backseat to nobody. Storm said Gunner used him to make a name for himself & didn’t even say thanks. Gunner talked about being in the Marines & Storm having the freedom to have a cold beer because of him & men like him who gave their lives in war. Storm said nobody cared if Gunner lived or died. Gunner said his family, friends & these people cared. Strom said he doesn’t owe Gunner a damn thing. Gunner dropped Storm with a right hand & they brawled. Storm got a chair & swung & missed Gunner. Storm dropped the chair, Gunner picked it up & Storm ran off.

Gunner was in out in the back of the arena waiting for James Storm.

Magnus was in the ring with Bad Bones & called Samoa Joe out to wrestle Bad Bones.

Samoa Joe VS Bad Bones: Joe got the win by submission.

MVP in the back with Austin Aries. MVP wanted an answer. Aries said he wants to be the ref for MVP’s match against Bobby Roode so he can get a close look in order to make a decision.

Jeremy Borash in the ring for Kurt Angle’s TNA Hall of Fame induction. JB showed a video about Angle. Angle came out to the ring. JB presented Angle with a Rolex watch & welcomed him into the TNA Hall of Fame. Angle gave a speech, he thanked the Lord, his wife & kids, the wrestlers in the back & the fans. EC3 came out & showed a video of him beating Angle up. EC3 talked about there being big breaking news. Angle said he was curious to know what it is & invited EC3 into the ring to tell it. EC3 said according to sources, Angle has a torn ACL & torn MCL in his knee & needs surgery & he might not ever be able to wrestle again. EC3 said it’s time for Angle to officially retire. Angle asked EC3 why did he get in the ring with him knowing he was going to tear his throat out. EC3 said because of Angle’s torn ACL & MCL he would be able to avoid him if he needed to. Angle told EC3 that in order to confirm something he should go with “The Source.” EC3 said the internet is always right, at least 50% of the time. Angle said the actual source is right 100% of the time. Angle said he doesn’t have a torn ACL or MCL & asked EC3 if he really wants to be in the ring with him. EC3 said he really doesn’t. Angle said he gets why EC3 wants to make a name for himself but why would he pick him to do it. Angle dropped EC3 with a big right hand & EC3 rolled out of the ring. Angle announced that MVP gave him a match in the steel cage at Lockdown & his opponent is EC3.

Madison Rayne & Velvet Sky VS Lei’D Tapa & The Alpha Female: Chris Sabin & Gail Kim was at ringside. Sabin & Gail got involved in the match. Tapa & The Alpha Female got the win. After the match, Velvet grabbed Sabin & backed him into a corner, The Alpha Female got Velvet from behind in a full nelson. Tapa was beating on Madison by orders from Gail. ODB ran down to the ring & helped Velvet & Madison.

Promo for Tigre Uno.

Samuel Shaw in the back, he was asked if last week was a mistake. Shaw said Christy Hemme was in trouble & he helped her, he would do anything to help her. Shaw said nobody understands & he is going to make them understand right now.

Samuel Shaw came to the ring & said Christy Hemme misunderstood him. Shaw invited Christy into the ring so he could clear things up. Shaw said he enjoyed their time together & she did as well. Shaw talked about how other men look at her & lust for her. Shaw said he is here to protect her. Shaw said these men want one thing from her but he wants more, he wants everything. Mr. Anderson came out. Shaw said Anderson is one of those guys & she is lucky he was there for her. Anderson told Shaw to shut up & called him a creepy bastard. Anderson told Shaw that his relationship with Christy is not real & Anderson asked the fans if they want to see a real ass whoopin. Shaw said he isn’t creepy, he has been nothing but a gentleman to Christy & he has never done one lascivious thing to her but if he did she would be receptive because people like her are always available. Christy slapped Shaw across the face. Shaw grabbed Christy & Anderson came in the ring, Shaw pulled Christy in front of him & shoved her into Anderson. Anderson helped Christy out of the ring & Shaw got Anderson from behind & place him in some kind of Judo choke & choked Anderson out.

Promo for Willow – AKA Jeff Hardy.

James Storm was heading out to meet Gunner.

Gunner & Storm was fighting in the back of the arena. Al Snow & another man pulled them apart. Gunner told Storm at Lockdown as God as his witness he is done. Storm said Gunner’s God will sooner or later cut him down.

Erick Young in the back was asked about Abyss. EY said he hasn’t heard from him. EY said Abyss needs help & he hopes they guy he was in the ring with that night doesn’t came back.

Bobby Roode VS MVP: Special Guest Referee Austin Aries: Aries nailed MVP. Roode got the win. Aries will be on Roodes team for Lethal Lockdown.

Get prepared for the Shayna Baszler interview


With the Shayna Baszler interview being 19 days away I thought I would do something a little fun. Everyday leading up to the interview I will be posting blogs that Shayna wrote while she was on the ultimate fighter season 18 along with her fights and other interesting things I can think of as days go by. So up first is week 1 of TUF in blog form.

Get hyped cuz I know I am
-Vanessa (@GreatLove91)

TNA Impact Preview

There will be contract signing for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match that will take place at Lockdown between the Champion Magnus & his challenger Samoa Joe.

MVP VS Bobby Roode:

Who will step up & join MVP & Bobby Roode on their Lethal Lockdown teams?

Kurt Angle will be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame.

Will it be all-out war between Gunner & “Cowboy” James Storm after Storm cost Gunner his shot at winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship?

The Wolves are the new TNA World Tag Team Champions after beating The BroMans on Sunday night at the TNA Wrestling live event in Morgantown, West Virginia. Tune in to Impact to get the latest on the new titleholders.

Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne & Velvet Sky VS Lei’D Tapa & The Alpha Female: