TNA Impact Recap

Footage of Sting after Genesis went off the air.

In the back, Kurt Angle & Samoa Joe was being held back by security & TNA agents as they argued with Magnus, EC3 & Rockstar Spud.

Magnus, EC3 & Rockstar Spud came to the ring. Magnus talked about Sting being gone from TNA because he ended him. Magnus talked about thinning the herd. Magnus said him & TNA President Dixie Carter have decided to rid the land of TNA of the dinosaurs that were lumbering around & make way for the new stars of this , The Bromans, the Zema Ion’s, the Rockstars Spud’s & Magnus’s of this business. EC3 seemed upset that Magnus didn’t mention him. Magnus said he single handedly eliminated Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles & Sting from this business. EC3 questions Magnus about taking them out by himself. Magnus said he did. EC3 said he is pretty sure that he… Kurt Angle & Samoa Joe interrupted & came down. Magnus, EC3 & Spud bailed. Angle said him & Joe are here to avenge not the thinning of the herd but the screwing of the herd. Angle said saying goodbye to Sting last week was the hardest thing he has had to do in his 8 years in TNA. Angle said it would be ok if he beat Sting but not when he screws him. Angle said Sting was right & called Magnus a paper champion. Magnus told Angle to watch his mouth before he says something he will regret. Angle said he regrets that him, Sting & Joe let Magnus into their family, The Main Event Mafia, because they wanted him to become somebody. Magnus said they invited him in because he was somebody & now he is the somebody, the World Heavyweight Champion. Magnus said him being Champion is what is really killing Angle & Joe. Joe said what is killing them is that Magnus is breathing & that they came here to beat Magnus’s *ss. Magnus suggested Angle & Joe face him & EC3 in a tag match & if Angle & Joe lose then they are gone from TNA. Joe said lets up the stakes & if either him or Angle beats Magnus they become the #1 contender for the World Title. Joe called Magnus a paper champion. Magnus agreed to the match. Dixie came out & said the match isn’t happening tonight. Magnus asked Dixie if she is trying to tell him what he can or can’t do. Dixie said there is a lot going on tonight & she can’t worry about this as well, the new investor is on his way & she can’t take the chance of Magnus losing to Angle or Joe. Magnus told Joe & Angle that they got a deal.

A black van was seen arriving outside the building.

The Wolves got out of the van & backed the cameraman away & they said tonight all questions will be answered & anyone who talks to The Investor has to go though them.

Taz wasn’t there. Jeremy Borash joined Mike Tenay on commentary.

Gail Kim & Lei’D Tapa VS Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne: Velvet got the win. After the match Chris Sabin came to the ring & called Madison a tramp & told her to get because he has to talk to his girlfriend. Sabin said girlfriends are suppose to support their boyfriends not cost them matches & championships. Sabin said he doesn’t know what has been going on with her lately. Sabin said he will give her one more chance & asked her to apologize. Velvet said they are done & walked to the back.

Angle & Joe was walking down the hallway in the back & entered a room & Angle attacked Bobby Roode.

Back from the break, Joe pulled Angle off of Roode. Angle said Roode cost Sting & AJ their jobs & it’s not going to happen to them tonight. Roode said it would be crazy to take out both Angle & Joe at the same time. Joe grabbed Roode by the throat & took him down to the couch & choked him. Joe said he wants Roode to think about what will happen to him if he interferes with their match tonight. Joe said he will end him, Joe & Angle leave. Roode smiles.

“Cowboy” James Storm came to the ring. Storm said he was friend with Gunner before Gunner came to TNA, then they became partners & Tag Champions, but something went wrong along the way that made things fall apart. Strom called out Gunner so he can put an end to this. Gunner said thing blew up when he obtained the World Title Shot briefcase. Gunner said he had to make a decision for him & his family & Storm would have done  the same thing. Gunner talked about being a Marine & learning to fight for the man standing beside you. Fans chant U.S.A. Gunner said everynight he fought beside Storm in this ring. Storm said Gunner is a great man & great wrestler. Storm said his kids are important to him & his daughter asked him why he is mad at Gunner. Gunner said everything he said about Gunner being jealous & greedy he should have said it to himself. Strom said he didn’t have Gunners back but now he is going to. Strom said he is sorry & they shook hands. Bad Influence came down. Kazarian called Storm a liar & said he hopes Gunner didn’t believe Storm. Kazarian said Storm desires the TNA World Heavyweight Championship more than anything. Daniels challenged Storm & Gunner to a match & Gunner to put up his World Title Shot. Gunner & Storm hit Bad Influence & the match started.

James Storm & Gunner VS Bad Influence: Gunner’s World Title Shot Briefcase is on the line: Gunner & Storm got the win.

Dixie & Spud in the back , she tells him to got find out who the Investor is.

Dixie in here office on the phone with her attorney, she tells him to get answers. Bobby Roode came in & said he wants what she has promised him, a World Title shot & he wants it at Lockdown. Dixie said it isn’t going to happen. Roode said it is because she gave him her word not once but twice. Roode mention what he did to AJ Styles & Sting. Dixie said she can’t talk about it now, she has a lot on her plate. Roode said she is breaking her promise. Dixie got out her checkbook. Roode said he doesn’t want her money. Roode gave Dixie one week to figure it out & said until she does the favors from him are done.

Eric Young talks to his wife ODB in the back, he is excited about teaming with Abyss in a World Tag Team Championship match. ODB is worried about EY because last week Abyss grabbed him by the throat. She said they call Abyss a monster for a reason
& walked away. Abyss came in & EY asked if Abyss is ready. Abyss holds up a bag of thumb tacks & leaves. EY smiles & laughs.

Rockstar Spud in the back, he said he is going to find lout who the Investor is & is going to get answers from The Wolves & is going to the ring.

Spud came to the ring & called out The Wolves. Spud asked them who The Investor is & they say nothing. Spud shined a flashlight in their eyes & asked again & they still say nothing. Spud reminded them who he was, he said he’s Dixie’s chief of staff, he’s the guy who pushed Jeff Hardy of a ladder, he’s the man who beat Samoa Joe within a inch of his life last week & Mr. Carter told him that he is fierce, he’s a lion, a tiger. Spud slapped Davey Richards across the face & asked who the Investor is. The Wolves took of the suit Jackets & rolled up their sleeves & attacked Spud. Eddie Edwards told Spud to tell Dixie she will find out who The Investor is the same time as everybody else. Eddie said The investor sent them out here with a message, he said they are very interested in tonight’s tag team main event & if anybody interferes they will be fired.

TNA World Tag Team Championship Match: Eric Young & Abyss VS The BroMans:  The X-Division Championship graphic was displayed before the start of the match instead of the World Tag Team Championship graphic. DJ Zema Ion introduced The BroMans. Abyss got mad at the ref & picked him up across his shoulders. EY tried to stop Abyss but Abyss delivered The Shock Treatment to the ref. EY checked on the ref & turned back around to Abyss & Abyss chokeslammed EY & head toward the back. EY got a mic & said we only got one experiment left & asked Abyss if he wants to get crazy. EY said he invented crazy & challenged Abyss to a Monsters Ball match next week. Abyss smiled & said he was going to hurt EY. EY smiled & laughed.

The Wolves outside at the van. They keep the cameraman away.

Bully Ray was in the back rolling a casket toward the ring.

Video from earlier this week of Christy Hemme & Samuel Shaw drinking wine at his place. Christy notices his hand is over a candle but it doesn’t bother him, he said he is fine. Christy checks out his bedroom, he took her down & said it looks better that way. He sent Christy to get some more wine. He is in a room that has pictures & posters of Christy plastered all over the walls & there was a mannequin head that looked like her. He kissed it & turned out the lights.

Bully Ray came to the ring with the casket. Bully said he used to be the man who was the President of the Aces & Eights, he’s the man who used to be the World Heavyweight Champion, but one man took it all away from him, his club, his colors & his life & that man is Ken Anderson. Bully sad he dropped Anderson on his head & tried to break his neck but Anderson keeps coming back no matter what he does to him he keeps showing up in his(Bully’s) miserable life. Bully challenged Anderson to one final match & casket match. Anderson came down to the casket across from Bully & asked Bully what he is going to do after Bully puts him in the casket. Bully said he would piledrive Anderson’s wife & kids. Anderson asked if Bully would love that. Bully said he would love to piledrive Anderson’s wife. Anderson said Bully isn’t going to put him in the casket & that he is going to shut Bully’s mouth. Anderson said to Bully that his wife & kids say high & Anderson flipped the casket lid up into Bully’s face & attacked Bully. Anderson beat Bully with a steel chair. Anderson took one more swing at Bully with the chair but Bully escaped & headed up the isle.

In the back, EC3 asked Magnus if he is ready. Magnus said he is the champion he was born ready. Magnus called EC3 a hothead, Magnus said EC3 reacts & he thinks, EC3 is all mouth & muscles & he is all brains & strategy. Magnus said he isn’t thrilled about a green rookie in his match involving World Title implications. EC3 said it sounds like Magnus is making excuses in case he loses. Magnus said EC3 is an excuse for a wrestler & he just has the right last name & told EC3 he can go cry to Aunt D. EC3 said he doesn’t cry & that the only green is the money his family has invested in Magnus’s Title reign. Dixie came in & asked if they are ready & if they remember the consequences of the match. EC3 gives her 2 thumbs up & Magnus says EC3 is a star with a huge future. Dixie said the future is now & tells them that they got to take out Angle & Joe. She asked to escort Magnus to the ring & told EC3 to not let her down.

Magnus & Ethan Carter III VS Kurt Angle & Samoa Joe: Angle & Joe’s Career VS World Title Shot: During the match The Wolves was seen getting out of the van, they made the cameraman point the camera down. Somebody else got out of the van. Joe made Magnus tap out with a rear-naked choke. Angle & Joe got the win. Joe is the #1 contender.

After the match, Dixie came down with Rockstar Spud. Dixie said “I told you this could happen.” Joe told Magnus that he is staring at the #1 contender & not to blame EC3 because Magnus tapped out. Joe said shine his belt up because Joe is going to kill you. Angle said it’s nights like these that makes him proud to be in this business & it makes pains, aches & disappointments go away. Angle said he is back & told Dixie to get out her checkbook because it’s time for him to be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame. Angle told Dixie to invite the new investor. Dixie called for The Investor to show his or face. Music hit with a ticking clock & the lights went out. The Wolves came out on the stage & out came MVP & stood between them. Tenay yells that MVP is The Investor.

TNA Impact Preview

What is the identity of the new investor, & what does he or she have planned for TNA Wrestling? The Investor will be revealed!

Is this really the end for Sting in TNA? Tune in to Impact for an update on Sting, including exclusive footage of “The Icon” backstage after Genesis went off the air.

The TNA World Tag Team Champions The BroMans will defend their Tag Titles against Eric Young & “The Monster” Abyss:

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