2014 the year of Daniel Bryan?

Last nights Raw was one of the best finishes of the year in my opinion. In fact my sister in law who isn't even a wwe fan was intrigued. Everything from the action in the ring to the surprising ending segment had me glued to the tv. For those who missed it lets get you … Continue reading 2014 the year of Daniel Bryan?



It is with great excitement that I announce that we're approaching WrestleMania 30. Which can only mean one thing!! WrestleMania coverage up in here! Myself and the rest of the Crew at DTRT are going to do our very best to bring you the best of coverage/thoughts/predictions leading up to the grand daddy of them … Continue reading It’s WRESTLE MANIA SEASON

RAW Preview

Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston will defend his title against Fandango. Ring in 2014 with WWE's 7-foot, 450-lb New Year's "baby" Big Show. What will unfold when The World's Largest Athlete dons a diaper to say goodbye to 2013? Batista is returning to WWE on January 20th edition of Raw. What might The Authority & other … Continue reading RAW Preview

AJ Styles Returning To Ring Of Honor

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONlChjSlp28 Ring of Honor issued the following and the video above regarding AJ Styles return to the company: "The Phenomenal One" is back! A true Ring of Honor pioneer and one of the greatest wrestlers in the sport today, AJ STYLES, has been signed to compete once again in an ROH ring on January 4th, … Continue reading AJ Styles Returning To Ring Of Honor

TNA Impact Recap

Rockstar Spud came to the ring & introduced Dixie Carter. Dixie came down & talked about Magnus being her World Heavyweight Champion. Dixie has a announcement to make. Jeff Hardy interrupted & came to the ring. Hardy said he has something to say but kept getting cut of by Spud. Hardy grabbed Spud & backed … Continue reading TNA Impact Recap

TNA Impact Preview

TNA President Dixie Carter is proud she has her new Champion that everyone can be proud of. there will be a special look at the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion Magnus - the first British World Heavyweight Champion in several decades. How will Jeff Hardy react to what happened. Will Ethan Carter III & Rockstar … Continue reading TNA Impact Preview