2014 the year of Daniel Bryan?

Last nights Raw was one of the best finishes of the year in my opinion. In fact my sister in law who isn’t even a wwe fan was intrigued. Everything from the action in the ring to the surprising ending segment had me glued to the tv. For those who missed it lets get you all up to speed. Early in the night Bryan went to the authority demanding he face Bray Whytt. This demand was granted by Raw GM Brad Madoxx but of corse there was a twist. Before Bryan could get Bray he would have to defeat the rest of the colt (Harper and Rowan). Of corse the yes man put on an amazing performance as always. Although most of the match was dominated by Harper Bryan pulled out a flying knee finisher out of nowhere. Then of corse Rowan raced down the ramp and started pummeling on Bryan, however this match ended in a quick fashion with Bryan getting a roll up. This left Rowan irate so he starts beating down Bryan up until the point Harper calmed him down. The leader Bray then leaves his rocking chair and walks slowly towards his pray. At one point it looked like Bryan had one up on Bray when Bray turned his back on Bryan. That wasn’t the case though because the rest of the “family jumped in and did a three on one attack on Bryan. What fallowed was pure gold. Bray cuts this disturbing promo. He does his “crab walk” and starts singing what seems like a lullaby. He then tells Bryan to open his eyes and look at the dismay. “That this could’ve been easier but now this is the end” Bryan is beaten down on the floor the mic is near his mouth and he mutters the words “you’re right” Bray asks Bryan to repeat. Bryan again says “you’re right, you’ve always been right. “The machine will never let me win no matter how loud these fans chant” I’ve been chanted in every building I’ve been too and still the machine won’t let me win”
Now here’s the crazy part…. Are you ready guys??

Bryan then says “Let me join your family”
This statement is met by no chants. Bray with a sick smile on his face plants a kiss on Bryan’s head and lays him out with a “Sister Abigail” and they carry him out of the ring. Bryan hobbles up the ramp. He stops for a few seconds looking out into the crowded of no chants and shakes his head only to walk away with his new family.

Now a lot of fans on the inter web are saying this was a way to burry Bryan. But one I saw this I thought two things. 1. Bryan was more over then their beloved Cena so they had to Turn Bryan hell
2. This could take Bryan to new hights.

Think about it Cena has a match with orton for the title. Cena said if he was champ he would give Bryan a shot. So maybe Bryan gets his shot at Elimination chamber.
Also there has been talks of Cena feuding with the Whytt’s at WrestleMania 30
So what if the newest whytt member goes on to win the Royal Rumble and then capture the gold at the grand daddy of them all??

So I think before anyone jumps to conclusion and says this is the “Burial of Bryan” they should consider all the possibilities.

What do you guys think of these turn of events? Do you like it? Do you hate it? Let me know.

Until next time. Catch you later. Have a beautiful week and an even better new year

-Vanessa (@GreatLove91)


It is with great excitement that I announce that we’re approaching WrestleMania 30. Which can only mean one thing!! WrestleMania coverage up in here! Myself and the rest of the Crew at DTRT are going to do our very best to bring you the best of coverage/thoughts/predictions leading up to the grand daddy of them all. I will be returning to twitter on the @dtrtwrestling account with my outrageous comments and reviews. With that being said my post show will be on a Hiatus due to the fact that I’m only using my iPhone and battery dies out pretty quickly. Never fear though because I promise if you’re fallowing us @dtrtwrestling you’re in for a good time. Live tweeting kicks off with me when Raw hits the air. Feel free to join the conversation with me to make it more fun. Until next time! See you tonight.
-Vanessa (@Greatlove91)

RAW Preview

raw-header 750

Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston will defend his title against Fandango.

Ring in 2014 with WWE’s 7-foot, 450-lb New Year’s “baby” Big Show. What will unfold when The World’s Largest Athlete dons a diaper to say goodbye to 2013?

Batista is returning to WWE on January 20th edition of Raw. What might The Authority & other Superstars  have to say about his imminent return?

Will John Cena make a bid for a rematch with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton? What’s next for the 14-time World Champ?

What is The Authority planning for 2014? They are willing to put the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton to the test. With high expectations for The Viper, will they also look to test the mettle of Divas Champion AJ Lee, Intercontinental champion Big E Langston & WWE Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Goldust?


AJ Styles Returning To Ring Of Honor

Ring of Honor issued the following and the video above regarding AJ Styles return to the company:

“The Phenomenal One” is back! A true Ring of Honor pioneer and one of the greatest wrestlers in the sport today, AJ STYLES, has been signed to compete once again in an ROH ring on January 4th, 2014 in Nashville, Tennessee!

AJ Styles helped put ROH on the map in its early years by displaying his own unique blend of high-flying wrestling and hard hitting strikes. Styles has gone on to be recognized as one of the best wrestlers of our time and recently became the most sought-after free agent in pro wrestling.

After finalizing the deal within the last couple hours we can now officially confirm that the long awaited return of AJ Styles to ROH will kick off 2014 in only 1 week at the Nashville Fairgrounds!

AJ Styles will face “Mr. ROH” Roderick Strong in Nashville in a huge match that will air on ROH TV the weekend of February 1st! It has been 8 years since Styles competed in ROH while Strong has been one of the most consistent competitors in ROH for the last 10 years. We are excited to welcome AJ back but not too sure that Strong will feel the same way.

“I’m excited to return to ROH and the Nashville Fairgrounds. Lots of history made that I was made that I was part of in both. Expect more on January 4. Hope Nashville fans fill that asylum,” said AJ

In addition to the return of AJ Styles, January 4th marks the return to ROH action of Chris Hero who battles “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen! Plus Wrestling Legend “Rowdy” Roddy Piper will be on hand for a very RARE Meet & Greet Autograph Signing!

ROH is starting 2014 off with bang and we are not slowing down! Don’t ever pass up the opportunity to experience ROH live! See why we are the best pro wrestling on the planet with the greatest fans in the world.

TNA Impact Recap


Rockstar Spud came to the ring & introduced Dixie Carter. Dixie came down & talked about Magnus being her World Heavyweight Champion. Dixie has a announcement to make. Jeff Hardy interrupted & came to the ring. Hardy said he has something to say but kept getting cut of by Spud. Hardy grabbed Spud & backed him in the corner & said this will only take a minute. Ethan Carter III came in & hit Hardy & tossed him form the ring. Sting came down & said he wasn’t leaving the ring until he got what he wants, a fight with EC3.Sting suggested a tag match tonight of him & Hardy against EC3 & Spud. Dixie said they will have a tag match for the main event.

Gunner VS James Storm: Feast or Fired Briefcase on the line: Double count-out.

Brooke in the back trying to talk to Bully Ray but he wont answer her. She said that she is going to go to the ring & air all of his dirty laundry. He said that’s not a good idea. She walked away.

Video of Magnus  talking about his history in TNA.

Another Magnus video of him talking about that 2013 was his year.

EC3 in the back complaining about his match to Dixie. She tells him to not worry because they’re Carter’s & the world needs them.

Eric Young gives Joseph Park a pep talk for his match in the back.

Sting talks to Jeff Hardy in the back. Hardy looks distracted.

Monster’s Ball Match: Bad Influence VS Joseph Park: Park got busted open & transformed into Abyss. Park/Abyss got the win.

Another Video from Magnus talking about the BFG Series, losing to AJ Styles & beating Sting.

ODB VS Lei’D Tapa: Lei’D Tapa got the win.

Chris Sabin in the back talking to Velvet Sky. He asked her to interfere in his X-Division Championship match next week. She said she can’t. He said she doesn’t want to support him & walked away.

Another Magnus video of him talking about how Dixie Carter believes in him.

Dixie Carter appeared on the big screen & announced that next week there will be a coronation for Magnus & that the main event tag match will be a handicap match with the Bro Mans teaming with EC3 & Rockstar Spud against Sting & Jeff Hardy.

Handicap Tag Team Match: Sting & Jeff Hardy VS Bro Mans, Ethan Carter III & Rockstar Spud: Bro Mans, EC3 & Spud got the win. After the match Jeff Hardy announced that this was his last match in TNA. He said he will only come back when the sun shines again on this dark kingdom. Hardy thanked the creatures & hugged Sting & walked to the back.

TNA Impact Preview


TNA President Dixie Carter is proud she has her new Champion that everyone can be proud of. there will be a special look at the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion Magnus – the first British World Heavyweight Champion in several decades. How will Jeff Hardy react to what happened. Will Ethan Carter III & Rockstar Spud have Hell to pay at the hands of Hardy?

Dixie Carter will have a special announcement to make.

Monsters Ball Match: Joseph Park VS Bad Influence: Will the weapons bring out the monster inside of Park?

ODB VS Lei’D Tapa: